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Britta Manges is an artist and photographer living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Shippensburg University and an Art Education Certification from Carlow University. As an undergraduate she was awarded two grants by Shippensburg University to create large scale works, partnering with the local high school to present in the classroom and share the creative process. Britta has been teaching digital photography, film photography. darkroom and graphic design in a public school district for eighteen years, an experience that has strongly impacted her visual perspective. The photographs she makes study the ever changing light and color within environments, industries that are rarely photographed and subjects that conjure a connection.


Standing Strong



Artist Statement

People of all ages are faced with navigating this world, deciding their positions on topics with or without spiritual guidance. Some chose paths that are based on emotion, some based on intellect, others based on no thought whatsoever. Without the guidance of God, how does one know one is living the life they are meant to live? The wood of the fence is the armor of God; it is what protects us; We are protected by and apart of the wood. When there is an opening, we must look inside to stand strong for what is right.

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We must make decisions based on our strength in our faith and purpose to follow God’s word. Standing firm in our convictions and knowing we are following his faith, deciding to view the world through his eyes gives each of us purpose. While the wood of the dogwood tree was used in the crucifixion of Jesus, it was also mentioned that it was cursed and blessed by God. Each Easter this tree produces flowers that represent the crucifixion of Jesus. The wood of the fence in this photograph represents Gods strength and his armor to protect us against evil. It also represents God’s sacrifice of his only son, Jesus so we could all live through him.


The model for this submission, Christian, has been a devoted student in my classroom for four years. His ability to provide positivity to his peers is one of the main reasons I chose him for this particular image. Being able to see his transformation from being a teen to now a young adult has had impact on me professionally and personally. His point of view, approach to personal struggles and focus on living his life to the fullest are traits I would like to see in all of my students.

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