Artist bio

My name is Fatehmeh Shahali. I am a painter, a photographer, and a mother of two adult children. I am a board member of the Iranian Painters association. I finished my higher education (BA and MA) in fine arts and design at Tehran University. Ever since I’ve been actively participating in domestic and international exhibitions and contests, while teaching drawing and painting to Iranian university students on the side. I enjoy long walks and taking pictures of nature.


Believer's hands



Artist Statement

I aspire for my art to untangle the complicated feelings experienced by witnessing any phenomenon as a whole, by simplifying it via offering an underrated and underwhelming perspective.

How it fits into contest

God's promise for eternal abundant life doesn't exclude anyone from any class. The unwavering faith of the believer will save him.
“Believer’s Hands” message is to remind us that the promise has not been for the battle against evil, temptation, and injustice be easy, the promise is that the struggle for goodness, light, and justice will be worth it. The path to a higher self is paved with struggles, but as we see the black and white hands of this believer are topped and protected with sleeves of color and light from the above.

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