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a team consist of 2 artist (Keysha Andrea & Virgina Wedyanti), we're both a college student from Multimedia Nusantara University in Indonesia, who majored in Design Faculty.


Gospel of Defense



Artist Statement

Title: Gospel of Defense
Keywords: Majestic, War, Preserve
Big Idea: Creating a 2-sided Illustration - Suppressing the Evil

The idea started with the grave of a war soldier who replaced the monument with a sword stuck in the ground. The concept originates from Viking history which has a tradition that every sword can only be owned by high-class warriors, and their struggle to the end will continue to be accompanied by that sword so that even if they are no longer around or die during the war, the sword will be stuck right in the heart. to the right of their graves to mark their monuments. They believe that the sword can bring luck for a lifetime, even to the grave. Being buried with his sword and shield symbolizes honor and victory for the soldiers left behind.
This work was made on mural media with Art Nouveau's visual style. The color palette uses mostly monochrome colors with a touch of yellow and red to help represent the holy and evil sides. Some of the assets in the illustration also have their own deep meaning. The white butterfly on the holy side symbolizes the angel as the main symbol of purity and light, while the red butterfly on the evil side symbolizes the Devil Moth who represents the devil. White roses on the sacred side symbolize purity, sincerity, and spirituality, while black roses on the evil side symbolize death. The shape of the splash of water between the swords in the upper and lower worlds symbolizes a form of a threshold that is not calm because of the demons who always struggle to influence us. That's where the role of God's word is in calming the splash of water so that it calms down again into a peaceful water surface.

How it fits into contest

Prioritizing the four most common weapons of God (Helmet, Sword, Belt, and Shield) which symbolize God's power in resisting evil from the underworld (underworld), which can crawl out to influence the above (holy/plain). The sword is God's strongest weapon in resisting evil, the shield as a protector for the upper world from the underworld, the warrior's helmet as a head protector that can keep us from doubts and negative thoughts, and finally the belt as a unifier of all God's weapons.


Mr. Tolentino as our Supervisor
Keysha Andrea & Virgina Wedyanti as the artist

How to Purchase this Artwork

This work uses a medium plywood board with a size of 1.12x2.4 meters which is done for 8 days in total. So we are reluctant to inform you that the form of works that can be sold can only be in the form of JPEG/PNG. The price we set based on the capital used is $500
Money can be transferred using a Paypal account to

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