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Retired Nurse. I have been painting and creating with the Lord since early 90's I love to create with other's using many mediums including collage using papers, scripture verse and fabrics. I use acrylic, oils, watercolor, pen, watercolor pencils, and markers. I have done ministry working with orher's teaching journaling and art. It is a wonderful way to develop a personal relationship with God and recei e his love, peace, joy and healing. Ephesians 6:10-20 is a powerful scripture to create with and gives much insight into how the Lord wants us to stand against evil. Prayer is central to the entire process of this very important spiritual battle.


Armor of God


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Ephesians 6:10-20 is an invitation to be strong in the supernatural power of God through prayer. To rise up on eagles wings and receive the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit; who helps us in times of struggle and difficult circumstances to stand strong and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31. This is the symbolism of the eagle who sits on the shoulders of God the Father and grasps hold of his mighty shoulder with his talons. We do the same when we pray and meditate on his holy word and stand on his truth and his promises to us. This is how we battle evil in high places and escape the fiery arrows and schemes of the devil . We take our our requests to God the Father through his son Jesus Christ who pleads our cause. The white haired man wearing a helmet that is turned away and facing the shield and the sword represent God the Father. The eagle sits on his shoulder indicating his power, and strength. Jesus Christ is centered between the shoulders of God the Father with his right hand raised signifying that we are saved by his right hand. His arm directs us to the helmet of salvation on God the Father's head that represents that we are saved by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. He is dressed in red robes symbolizing the shedding of his blood for us and that he is our true high priest who advocates for us to the Father in every situation. The background canvas is also red signifying his sacrifice of blood for forgiveness of our sins. God the Father faces away from us signifying his holiness and that he is so glorious and righteous that we can not look on him face to face. The sword represents the power of the Holy Spirit who brings us into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and make us righteous through him.
Then God the Father can unveil himself to us and forgive us through his grace. As we battle in the spirit in prayer and open our hearts to him he releases his love, his peace , his comfort, his peace, and his healing in us transforming our hearts into the righteousness of Christ. The shield of faith protects our hearts from the lies of the devil and from unbelief and keeps us grounded in God's hope and truth. The owl signifies the wisdom of God's holy word. By following his word and living into his truth we can live free and in peace knowing that in Christ we are victorious against evil in all places and in all circumstances.

How it fits into contest

The artwork Armor of God illuminates that the spiritual battle is accomplished in the heavenly realm and is done in relationship and unceasing prayer with God the Father through his son Jesus Christ. It involves prayer, faith, trust, relationship, the power of the Holy spirit, strength in God's truth and wisdom in his word. It is always going on in every place, circumstance, and situation no matter how easy or difficult our walk may be. God calls us to always be relying on all of his spiritual gifts, truths and promises to truly be conquerors of evil. I believe the results of this battle are often seen in the physical world as a result of our spiritual battle in the heavenly places against evil.


God the Father and Jesus Christ.

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If interested in purchasing the painting please call or email me for the price and to make shipping arrangements. 919-616-5842

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I have a large body of artwork that I can sell. I am putting them on my Facebook page called Art work by Shelley. My user name on Facebook is my gmail
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