Artist bio

Portrait photographer engaging in narrative approaches and creative digital manipulation. At the moment he's studying Press & Editorial photography at Falmouth University. With a previous study in visual arts and professional photography in his native Land is now experimenting his skills of visual storytelling and critical approaches to photographic languages.


The Passion



Artist Statement

This series is a photographic interpretation of the Passion of Christ staged by the local diocese in a suburb of Rome on 19 April 2019. The 5-picture narrative focuses on the ambivalent aspects of religiosity that see primarily a duality in perpetual tension. Growing up in a Catholic society, my spiritual conflict originated in the manifest alteration arising from the contrast between ideological promises and the flow of experiences. I have tried to give a form to this alteration by highlighting the ambiguities of a supreme institutional power and its right to exercise a doctrine, with the resistances generated in the process. My Catholic experience has formed a critical feeling towards the ways and structures by which Christian ideologies are delivered. This aspect forms the background to the stylistic and compositional choices of the sequence.

How it fits into contest

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world. On this verse of Ephesians 10 20 the symbols and connotations of the images converge, often in an alteration of roles. An institution that gives voice to the spirit in all its forms, that educates to the understanding of oneself as God, that does not compress it in ideological catharsis but stimulates it to the knowledge of its divine nature, in this perhaps lives the full armour of God. To clothe oneself in the armour of justice is to recognize that the spirit has no form or origin, that the most effective way to sustain this battle lives in the desire to mix different philosophies and to welcome them with the spirit of nourishment.
Probably living in an era where everything has become unsustainable, even the religious sphere requires an effort to revise and open up to new ways of practicing faith.

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