Artist bio

Jordi Sark is a travel and humanitarian photographer. Though originally from Barcelona, he spent much of his youth living throughout Asia photographing and documenting some of the most beautiful and remote regions of Asia supporting companies with their creative projects. His pictures tell stories and remind of a movie stage. Light plays a central role in all his works, whether natural or artificial light. He gets his inspiration mostly from movies, but also uses music as inspiration underlines the expression in his pictures.


Out of Depression



Artist Statement

This series represents the different phases of depression and God's key role in helping us get out of it.

How it fits into contest

I am using a scenario and an everyday environment, understanding warriors like all of us who wage spiritual battles daily.

This spiritual struggle requires initiative and action on our part, not confronting ourselves with our strength but using the weapons that God gives us.

God always is and has been, but it is up to us to perform an act of humility and total trust in his power and wisdom to put on his armor and allow Him to guide us towards the light.

A light that exposes the depths of our souls illuminates our path and brings clarity to everything around us.

How to Purchase this Artwork

It will be sold as an NFT on Foundation or via
Contact via Instagram: @jordisark

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