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Ivan Kanchev was born on September 17, 1973 in Ruse. In 2000 he has graduated in Ceramics at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, and in 2006 in Psychology at the University of Ruse "Angel Kanche“. He defended his doctoral dissertation in art history and fine arts at the Department of Sculpture, and in 2010-11 he was a part-time lecturer in sculpture at the Department of Ceramics at the National Academy of Arts. Ivan has had dozens of solo exhibitions of his work, and participated in many group exhibitions in Bulgaria, and in prestigious ceramics forums in Italy, Spain, Japan, Poland, Denmark, France, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, and others. He has won national and international awards. His works are in prestigious galleries and museums around the world. He is the author of curatorial projects and several books in the field of sculpture and ceramics.


"Jacob's Struggle with the Angel", 2019



Artist Statement

I work on impulse… I see things ready in my mind as a photo - with details and colors.
I work mainly on biblical topics. I develop different cycles.
Project “Man, where are you? “Night Visions”
The depicted scenes with clay and fire in "Man, where are you?" are nocturnal, as in a dream, as pictures visions. Thematically, they are derived from the heritage of universal human history and culture. The monumental vessel shape is symbolic. The rectangle is reminiscent of human existence, of boundary time, space and corporeality.
The message in the project "Man, where are you?" is: (1) a call to return to natural life, (2) a call to the essential in art, (3) a call to orient to the primary meaning of being, (4) a call to come out of spiritual death, (5) a call to self- realization through self-expression.

How it fits into contest

In the Old Testament, an example of the acquisition of God's full armor and Christian victory is Jacob's struggle with the angel (Genesis 32). Jacob received God's blessing and became Israel.


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I am a professional sculptor. You can see my work:;

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