Sonia Mora

Artist bio

I'm looking for find the meeting between light and my shadows, that are always present in life . Color hides a language that arises from the ego, while the shadow plays with its own tones and requires the light to outline its real beauty. n my work I highlight the value of darkness as a counterpart to extrinsic light, since light and shadow are inseparable, although forever, the eye seeks a balance that is impossible to find, conditioned by society and fear. "... but without shadow the light is no longer light, without light there is no shadow, light and shadow go together, the shadow shapes light, shadows are its beautiful contours" Byung-Chul Han. My solo exhibits are on 2022 Góry Kostaryki en Biblioteka Miejska w Łodzi, Łódz, Polonia, and in 2019 Entre Flora y Fauna, Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA), octubre 2 al 29. I hope that my work can bring you closer to the path of God.


Belt of Truth



Artist Statement

I was inspired byEph 6:14.
I used bright colors to express the intensity of live and the contrast betheen the God Light and the people and sin. Sin was showed as a bull-form, because it's hard for people to fight with.
The people and sin are continuosly talking, but when people use the belt of Truth and accept God's promise of salvation, can face the sin and the temptation without doubts and win the battle!

How it fits into contest

God is light and the shadows are part of the terrenal life, just for us to see God's hand and glorify His Name. I used Eph 6:14 as inspiration. Use the belt of truth as an armor to fight any Evil's attack and temptation. They have no face, not form and not power to cheat us. The brignt color make us remember that we are on earth, we have sense, we have two eyes to see the God's creation, and God givien sensations to be free and strong in His hands.


God's hand that guides mine and gave me inspiration.

How to Purchase this Artwork

$ 150
You can pay by Paypal plus shipping from Costa Rica to your country.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I offer paintings, glyclées and printings.
I make xilography too.
You can email or write a whatsapp or telegram message to inquire about any of the servides I wrote previously.

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