Introducing the Finalists of the 2022 Engage Art Contest

Engage Art | In the Know | July 15, 2022

After a deliberation process that was both rigorous and thoughtful, the independent, expert jurors have agreed on a slate of Finalists for the 2021-22 Engage Art Contest. 

The Qualities of the Finalists

Engage Art’s Finalists represent some of the best, most impactful works on the topic of the Spiritual Battle. They demonstrate excellence in Scripture-inspired art, inviting people of all different backgrounds and perspectives into a deeper engagement with culture, Scripture, and art. 

We commend all the artists who entered Engage Art 2022, and we thank them for sharing their gifts with us. In addition, we congratulate the Finalists for their especially effective message and impact as well as their notable artistic and creative strength.

How Were the Finalists Selected?

The jurors first evaluated every entry accepted into the contest to select a slate of Semi-Finalists. They then reviewed the Semi-Finalists a second time to select Finalists. This second selection round focused on how well the artworks measure up to the published criteria

  • Effective Message
  • Impact
  • Artistic Strength
  • Technical Strength 

When the juries evaluate the entries for “theme and impact” (50% of the total score), they specifically consider the entry’s ability to communicate one or more of the themes in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses and the impact the artwork has on the audience. 

When they determine “artistic quality” scores (50%), they look at the strength of the creative interpretation as well as the artist’s technical skill and command of the artistic medium. For video entries, artworks are rated for technical skill and creative work for both the artwork being presented and for the videography.

The juries—one for Video Arts and one for Visual Arts—are each composed of a panel of 3 jurors. All are experts in their respective fields. Each juror brings their unique perspective, experience, and insight, creating a dynamic interchange.

Many Excellent Artworks

The competition in the 2022 Engage Art Contest is fierce! Of 87 Video Arts entries accepted into the contest, only 17 are Finalists—less than 20%. And there are only 33 Finalists in Visual Arts, out of 700 accepted entries—less than 5%. The Finalists should all be proud of this distinction. 

That said, whether or not an artwork has advanced in the 2022 Contest, every piece in our Gallery has the potential to impact many people around the world. Artworks with different qualities—conceptual or illustrative; wrestling with grief or offering encouragement; more technically exacting or created from the heart—attract different audiences. The same artwork will speak to many different people over time. 

Because our mission is to support all artists and reintroduce artists and the church, the Engage Art Contest is only one way Engage Art features artwork. We also feature artists—many of whom did not advance in the contest—on YouVersion, in our app, and on our social media pages.

After perusing the 2022 Finalist Collection in our Gallery, we encourage you to browse the full Gallery by genre, keyword, or subject to continue engaging artworks from our talented Tribe. Upvote your favorites (only available for 2022 entries)—this does NOT impact the jurying, but it does encourage the artists! Share artwork with people and ministries in your life. 

Introducing the Finalists in Video Arts

The 2022 Video Arts Finalists

Click the title of any of these 17 Finalists (in alphabetical order) to view the full video.

Introducing the Finalists in Visual Arts

The 2022 Visual Arts Finalists

Click any title of the 33 Finalists (in alphabetical order) to view the full Gallery page.

Congratulations to the Finalists on this rare distinction!

We commend all the artists who entered Engage Art 2022. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and with the world. 

Next: Selecting the Winners

The final stage of deliberation is to select the winners of the 2022 Engage Art Contest. Each jury meets over video conference to discuss Finalists (at length!) until they have determined the winners—1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as a slate of Honorable Mentions. We anticipate announcing the winners in August. 

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