Announcing Our Semi-Finalists!

Engage Art | In the Know | June 13, 2022

In the weeks since our contest closed, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Today, we are delighted to announce the entries that have earned the distinction of Semi-Finalist in the 2021-22 Engage Art Contest.

Selecting Semi-Finalists

Over the last month, our panel of expert jurors carefully reviewed each of the nearly 800 artworks accepted into the Engage Art Contest. 

Our jurors have a practical and academic understanding of how the arts can assist in the Christian life and how Christianity has been portrayed through the arts. They also have a deep understanding of the histories and current practices of the arts in secular culture. 

A Word of Affirmation

The artists in our Tribe showcase some major talent. We recognize the gifting and calling of all the artists who have participated. It’s always hard to make selections with such a creative Tribe. 

The distinction of Semi-Finalist is quite an honor! Only 45 Video artworks are advancing as Semi-Finalists, and less than 1 in 3 Visual Arts submissions have earned the Semi-Finalist distinction (only 190 out of 700!). 

The Semi-Finalists were selected for artistic merit. Well done to these artists! 

You can browse all the 2021-22 Semi-Finalists in the Semi-Finalist Collection in our Gallery.

Our Semi-Finalists hail from all over the world. The countries most represented include:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Ethiopia
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Ukraine
  • United States

Video Arts Semi-Finalists

(Presented in alphabetical order—click any title to view!)


“Coming Home” by Tessema Mekonen

“Day in the life of a single mom during covid” by Brittany Monaghan

“DeadLine” by Hansel Espinosa Santana

“Entrevista con el enemigo” by Esteban Sisa

“I Found God in New York City” by Mariah Barrera

“Kingdoms on Air — the Battle: A Documentary” by Javaughn Lewis

“Lights Out” by Ayesha Jordan

“My Minds Playing Tricks on Me” by Christopher James

“Of Small Account” by Jonathan Rothermel

“Speak Victory” by Korey Merritt

“Stand” by Antonio Harrison

“The Battle” by Steven Turk

“The Battle” by Victor Felix

“The Fall of Sundersons” by Jason Koch

“The Family That Prays Together Stays Together” by Quincy Ward

“YIREH” by Yosei Galvez

Music Video

“Black Tears And Smiles” by Alexis Dean Jr.

“Demons” by Mickey Young

“Ekpere (Prayer)” by Andrew Chukwuka Egbuchiem

“Everlasting” by Teon Embry

“Give Ear” by Sheena Keesha Palmer

“Good vs evil” by Robert Barrera

“No Bed Of Roses” by Bj’orn Pierre

“O.K.” by Wrudell Timothy

“OLUWA IS” by Renee Joseph-Fortune

“OVERCOME” by Kizzi-Marrie Alexander

“Sisi ni Washindi” by Team Ushindi

“Sunbeam / Ephesians:6:10” by Kelli Ryan

“Sword of the Spirit” by Joshua Mckoy

“Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” by Brian Mark

Performing Arts

“Bible” by Kristian De la Vega

“Condor del mundo” by piedad lorena guerrero coka

‘“Heavenly Father?”’ by Britney Russell

“IMAGINE” by Camille Hanson

“‘In My Head’” by Precious Cornelius

“Left Behind” by Ifechukwudeni Odigwe

“Letter to the Editor” by Leah Glenn

“Love your enemy” by Carla Veldhuis

“Overcoming” by Isara Galvez

“Silent Flesh” by Danielo Lemmer

“Swarm” by Dawit Seto

“The Forecast” by Monica Harrison

“Tick Tock” by Renee Clarke

“Tug of War” by Isaiah Marshall

“WORDS/Waiving Depression” by Jhenelle Lewis

Visual Arts Semi-Finalists

(Presented in alphabetical order—click any title to view!)

“666” by Adam Koan

‘“8:41’” by Cody F. Miller

“A Bunch of Roses” by Roxanne Dyer

“A Light in the Dark” by Nathlyn Matthew

“A string of desire, connection to hope” by Hee Jin Roh

“A young lady’s adventures 2015” by Marga Pol

“After the break up with civilization” by Soumya Sarkar

“Al nakba” by Rawan Alhaj Younes

“Alexia” by Ivan Pokidyshev 

“An armor of rocks” by Mateo Granillo 

“Angel, Armor of God” by Francine Duncan 

Answer the question by Samuele Marzi 

“Arm Yourself, My Lady” by Kim Cobb 

“Armor of God” by Kimberly JB Smith 

“Ascension” by Henrico Paul Greyling 

“Autoptic Portrait” by Thomas McSwane 

“Bad Mole” by Lulú Sánchez Puig 

“Be peace in the midst of afflictions” by Drelenay Prado Mafra 

“Beauty in All Things” by Mona Davis 

“Believe” by ‪samira omar‏ 

“Beyond other humans” by Susan Chou 

“Book of Hours – Spiritual Exercises” by Nicola Farina 

“Born Outside the Garden Gate” by Jody West 

“Bravehearts in Battle” by Dana Hanson 

“By this sign, you are victorious 1” by Annukka Laine 

“Cast Down” by Sidney Gage 

“Cast your Face” by Frances Allen 

“Celestial” by Kayla Davis 

“Chaos” by Tamar Kacharava 

“cheer up boy ride time” by Efraim Lds 

“Christ My Rock” by Jacquie Herron 

“Cœur sincère” by Zaïnou El Abidine Ali Mohamed 

“Coexistance” by Ria Sharma 

“Combate” by Enos Queiroz 

“Counting On It” by Kelly Larson 

“Daily Battles” by Emily Margaret 

“David’s Harp” by Rosemary Forster-Towne 

“Death fairy” by G Shell 

“Don’t let forgotten” by Marcin Idźkowski 

“Dressed in prayers” by Victor Felix 

“End of times” by Magda Kahl 

“Eternal Perspective” by Lukus Edmison 

Eternal Victory” by Brandon Maddox

“Ever Praise” by Edward Alfred Lutaakome 

“Eyes of faith” by Zealous Idonaba 

“Faces of Depression” by Elise Aleman 

“Fearless” by Sandra Ceas 

“Finding Meaning” by Jennifer Sowders 

“Forgiveness” by Chenel Joseph 

“Forward Travel, 2020” by EMark Gross 

“Four Friends” by Grace Garvey 

“From the Smithy of Soul” by Neeraj Gupta 

“Go through trials.” by Vitalii Popkov 

“Golden Lady” by Perry Glikmann 

“Good and Evil staring at each other” by Michel Devanakis 

“Hebróm” by Russbelt Guerra Carranza 

“Hero” by Aung Chan Thar 

“Higher Place” by Ryan Gondarowski 

“His Word is Armor” by Kip Ayers 

“Hold Fast” by Leslie Iwai 

“HOPE” by Ahmed Alshalali 

“Humano” by Sofia Minjarez 

“I Live With Readiness” by John Bergmeier 

“I will fear no evil” by Jacek Cisło 

“Icarus” by Jay Daugherty 

“In His Service” by Leigh Kershner 

“Inclinations” by Amy Jewitt 

“Into the breach” by Reuben Horn 

“Invisible Cities” by Ivania Lasso 

”Jacob’s Struggle with the Angel” by Ivan Kanchev

“Jesus Weeping At Lazarus’s Tomb” by Jerry Dienes

“JUDITH” by Saeed Bagsair 

“Kintsugi Strong” by Eva Crawford 

“Khwabeeda -The Ancient Drama” by Sujan Sarkar

“Kyle” by Nathan Peachman 

“LAST SUPPER XXI” by Piotr Franciszek Barszczowski 

“Leviathan’s Teeth #4” by Peter McCarthy 

“Life self-portrait” by Maria Pimenova 

“Light in the Darkness” by Katherine McGuire 

“Light in the Tunnel” by Ernest Agoba 

“Light of The World Stepped Down into Darkness” by Mary Harris 

“Lightning the darkness” by Dagim Alemayehu 

“Likeness” by Bereket Tibebu 

“Lily, Lily Light” by Jill Shuford 

“Lonely Circle” by Jibril Hammond 

“Matunuck’s Lonely Tree” by Keith Wahl 

“Metastones-Cold case files” by Uros Uscebrka 

“Mirroring yourself” by Bianca Nemes 

“Morning View” by Wieslawa Nowicka 

“Mother Nature” by Sandeep Kumar 

“Mother Nature” by Caio Ribeiro Rios 

“My monocrome diary” by Kumar Adesh 

‘“Notre Dame de Paris” in fire’ by Laurent Leoncini

“Oil Spill” by Kiya Nicole 

“OLTRE (BEYOND)” by Giuseppe Petrone 

“On A Wing And A Prayer” by Natalie Dadamio 

“One of the four beasts” by Edgar Alan Valentin 

“Oración (prayer)” by William Bonilla 

“Our Battle” by Diana Fernanda Montañez Vera 

“Out of Depression” by Jordi Sark 

“Paper Armors Stronger than Steel” by Edwin Rojas 

“Perseverance” by shelly . 

“Perspective” by Suzy Morris 

“Prayer” by Neo Mlangeni 

“Prayer is Action” by Lucas Pegoraro de Mello e Silva 

“Prayers of a Mother” by Angel Atkinson 

“Put On The Whole Armor Of God” by Jim Baker 

“RESTORATION” by Betty Spackman

“Reunion place” by Debarun Biswas 

“Rise Up” by Josh Tiessen 

“Rouge” by Bilin Chen 

“Rushing Through in God’s Earth” by Jemma L. St. Lawrence-Martin 

“Save Me” by Tracy Whiteside 

“Shadow” by Vitalii Denys 

“Shield” by Sabrina Jovic 

‘“Sleep baby”’ by Uktam Isirgapov

“Solomon’s call” by Nasser Marhb 

“Son of God” by Jon B. Paulsen 

“Songs in the Night (Lockdown series)” by Michelle Tomkins 

“Soul Journey” by Lhoussain Skhoun 

“Soul Ties” by Shayna Sutton 

“Sower’s Seed” by Jun Cruz 

“Spirit of the earth no.1” by Duenchayphoochana Phooprasert 

“Spiritual Redemption” by Dahlia Osama 

“Spiritual Warfare or Remember the Light, a Portrait of Hope” by Franci Hepburn 

“Stand Against the Wiles: Alpha Omega” by Steve Prince 

“Stand Firm” by Rachel Durfee 

“Stand Like a Tree” by Linda Rempel 

“Standing Firm, Proclaiming Peace” by Julia Washburn 

“Storm” by Jennifer Bates 

“Stormy Mind” by Mostafa Nodeh 

“Struggle” by Cosmin Racianu 

“Struggle” by Marta Wojnarowska-Olszewska 

“Suit Up” by Jill Chronister 

“Terror Attack” by Alok Avinash

‘“Tethered’” by Michelle Vandyk

“The Angelicals” by Timothy Sears 

“The Armor of God series” by Rosheen Romer 

“The art of prayer” by Micah Hohnberger 

“The Battles Won: Shield of Faith” by Kellianne Land 

“The choice” by Ren Jay Xie 

‘“The coming of a nimble strength’” by Cândida Castro

“THE DISTRESSED SPACE CAPSULE: Where Superman’s Cape intersected Batman’s Chair.” by Gert Swart 

“The Empress” by Erik Cheung 

“The Exterminator” by Jonathan Millet 

“The Eye” by Jing Lin 

“The Fires of My Heart” by Paul Winternitz 

“The Full Armor of God” by Brenda Stichter 

“The Garment of Praise & Worship Wear” by Nneka Edwards 

“the hell” by Datis Golmakani 

“The Holi Book” by Alexandre Choquette 

“The invisible force” by Stephen Ofori Amo 

“The Joaldunak & The Battle of Good vs Evil” by Ashley Suszczynski 

“The Joy Of Unity” by Olumide Egunlae 


“The Lord is My Strength” by Kim Daus-Edwards 

“The Power of the Soul” by Bela Balog 

“The rising ball of fire” by John Gomez  

“The river scene” by Jason Hendrickson 

“The Sharpest Axe” by Greg Lookerse 

“The shield is me!” by Aldo Muzzarelli 

“The Solders duty: none weak among us” by Everblessed Ajie 

“THE Telephone Booth” by Felix Korasare 

“The weight of my prayers for you” by Mariana Sperandio 

“the wheat, the tares, and the principalities . . .” by Matthew Konar 

“The Wings of Joy and Grace” by Pamela Chiasson 

“They Returned” by Ebrahim Alipoor 

“Together in Prayer” by Melani Pyke 

“Transform Mud Wall to Classroom” by Sourav Das

“Two sisters” by Ricardo Araújo 

‘“Unconditional Love”, “John 3:16”’ by Olena Brzhosniovska

“Under the wings of an angel” by Bakhtiyar Urakov 

“Unseen Forces” by Zhea Zarecor 

“Untitled” by Louise Galea 

“Untitled(Shield)” by Matthew Pendleton 

“VERUM PULCHRUM BONUM” by Jeffrey A. Gomez 

‘“VISION”’ by Batool Al-Omari

“War in Heaven” by Gary Haddan 

“Warfare” by Stephen Aifegha 

“Wars Within” by Claudia Starkey 

‘“Weight”’ by Greta Stučinskytė

“What Lurks in the Shadows” by Camille Koslo 

“When You Let Go” by Shelby Wandrey 

“Wilderness Wolves. And Angels” by Julia Atkinson 

“Wildflowers” by Olga Beketova 

“Wind from the Stars” by Peter Camp 

“Woman Clothed With The Sun” by Nicora Gangi 

“YESHUA DIVINE WARRIOR” by Brenda Rossouw 

‘“Your Word is a Lamp to my Feet and a Light for my Path”’ by Ain Vares

“Z Axis” by Nathanael Myers

What’s Next?

The juries will carefully review the Semi-Finalists for a second time, considering the artwork’s theme and impact alongside artistic merit. We hope to announce the Finalists in July. 

After you check out these amazing Semi-Finalists, take time to explore all the artwork accepted into the 2022 Contest. You can search the Gallery by genre, subject, or keyword. While you’re in the Gallery, give an Upvote to your favorite artworks. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to affirm and celebrate their creation. 

Thank you for celebrating the arts with us! Be sure to take some time today to Engage Culture, Engage Scripture, and Engage Art. 

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