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Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Title: "The Departure"
Technique: Charcoal pencil on cardboard
Measurements: 50 x 65 cm.
Interpretation: Persevere and be constant until the end and not be afraid of the evil that surrounds us.

Title: "Hebrom"
Technique: Oil on canvas
Measurements: 100 x 100 cm.
Interpretation: Keep our faith firm and resist the attack of the dragon

Title: "Babylon the great"
Technique: Oil on canvas
Measurements: 140 x 140 cm.
Interpretation: Alien deception and world control through a false religion

How it fits into contest

Singnifica un cristiano siendo devorado por el dragón y su salida, la fe
El significado de mi obra relata la lucha interna contra la legión espiritual instaurada en la tierra.

"It signifies a Christian being devoured by the dragon and his departure, the faith. The meaning of my work relates to the internal struggle against the spiritual legion established on earth."

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