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Frances Russell Allen is interested in the intersection between installation, textiles, and drawing. Originally from Dallas, TX, she pursued her studies of fibers and art history at Savannah College of Art and Design. At times, her work uses the idea of cellular communities, anthropomorphic piles of dirt and seed, and scenes of the everyday to communicate the transformation of a home or an individual’s ever-changing environment. Frances has helped artists such as Lesley Dill, Nene Humphrey, Jason Hackenwerth, and Jason Middlebrook create and install their own personal shows. When she is not teaching high school art at Trinity Christian Academy, she spends her time with her husband, Zach, and two daughters, Evelyn and June.


Cast your Face



Artist Statement

This work is based loosely off of the votive figures of Eshnunna, figures standing in the place of worshippers, offering prayer night and day on behalf of the people. Their perpetually open eyes, erect pose, and praying hands position these figures as intercessors.

The Old Testament is filled with constant turning away in the midst of trial. I am left surprised by this repetition despite the generational history of deliverance present in their lives. In the guttural plea for God to cast his face on his people, God reminds them to turn their faces to Him and follow his commandments.

After sitting with the chaos of the last many years I could not help but be reminded of this cyclical story in the Old Testament. When the world is battling, we are called to obedience by casting our face through the mess to Christ, who is capable of transforming any situation.

How it fits into contest

Like the votive figures (Eshnunna) who have no option but to stand firmly to intercede for their owners, this carved wooden figure is positioned with its gaze cast forward towards the mess. The graphite drawing that is looking at the carved head represents the battling, a looming scarred face versus a fragile figure that has fallen. This illustrates the spiritual and societal battles that we face today.

When we do not know where to turn, we naturally call out to God to aid us in our turmoil. We ask God to cast His face on us so that we may be saved. How easily we forget that the Lord has given us every tool and simply asks us to follow His commandments and to look towards Him.

In this combined drawing and sculpture, the wooden figure looks through the drawn image and out towards the unknown. That is what it feels like when we follow God's direction. We fearlessly cast our gaze forward and follow, patiently and diligently waiting for God's mighty power to be revealed.


My husband, Zach Allen, constantly creates images and objects that I am inspired by.

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