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I am a Bible college student currently studying Youth and Family Ministry at Great Northern University. I have a passion to see the local church be built up in the Gospel and to see individual believers follow Christ in all areas of their lives. Art is a way for me to express what I am learning and hopefully help people align their worldviews with scripture. I believe that the best art is brutally honest and reflects the way the world works.


Blood Loss

Artist Statement

A man fights to escape from a cage while a knife in his heart threatens his life.

How it fits into contest

The first half of Ephesians describes the glories of the gospel. After talking about the greatness of believers salvation Paul transitions into application. He argues that since Christians have been saved they ought to live a certain way. Believers are new creations and as a result, should no longer follow the passions of their old nature. That is to say that the backbone of the armor of God is the gospel. Without salvation, humans cannot fight against the spiritual powers of this world. They won’t take a stand against them because they don’t want to.
This film symbolizes salvation through imagery and sound. It connects to Ephesians 6:10-17 in several ways. Firstly this video shows how Christ changes what side of the battle believers are on. It portrays how God takes Christians out of the kingdom of darkness and puts them into the kingdom of light. Secondly, this short film reminds Believers to put on both the helmet of salvation and the shoes of good news. Thirdly the end of this video shows the breastplate of righteousness that Christ gifts to Christians.


Kaleb Barkman: Created everything from pre-production to post-production.

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I am currently looking for people to fund my next animated short film currently titled "The Pill". I also do direct commissions for animation, video editing, and photography.

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