Yanta Antoine

Artist bio

Yanta Antoine, An immigrant from the beautiful Island of Haiti. She and her family traveled to the USA in pursuit of the American Dream. Like most Caribbeans, education is believed to be the golden ticket to achieving that, so, her plans were to become a lawyer to fight for people. Filmmaking, however, came as she realized she had gifts and talents that were stuck inside and needed to come out. Yanta has a certificate in Writing for Films and digital media, from Clayton state university. She also has few self-Produced, Zero budget short Films.


Secret Agent

Artist Statement

When I was introduced to filmmaking I was always bothered by the lack of support, lack of help that I experience. But what lack did for me is forced me to learn new skills. And this film is no different. Having the opportunity to practice my new skills, new resources, and new ways to tell stories.
It expresses my randomness yet, deep way of creating art, through feelings, emotions, and perspectives that may be normal wouldn't look.
Stepping outside the box

How it fits into contest

This was created for that scripture in the concept of how the enemy thinks he has it all figure out. And as long as he can keep us distracted, confused, and fighting each other he can keep us bound. But when we know that we fight not flesh and blood, we can strategize our move in prayer and God will always come to our rescue. True soldiers of God fight differently.


*Writer/Director/Producer/Lead Talent/Editor/Voice Over: Yanta Antoine
*Animation: Paid License- (all Background music- Included)
*Additional Visuals: (Free fair use)
*Song: arrangement of "The Lord's Prayer" by Yanta Antoine
Designs: Adobe Sparks by Yanta Antoine

How to Purchase this Artwork

Digital Copy
Price: TBD

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Script Writing
Video Editing
Basic Logo/Graphic Design
Vocal singing

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