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I am Deron Douglas. A believer of Jesus Christ and a Jamaican filmmaker and photographer. I am a firm believer in using art as a voice and I aspire always to spread the gospel and righteous living through film and photography. My team for this project was extremely small. I literally had three persons working with including myself. Deron Douglas- Father of Zariah. Also the Director, Cinematographer and editor of the film. Zariah Pinnock- She is 6 years old and plays the role of Zariah in this film. Very talented actor who is also my neighbor. This is my second film having her as a lead role in it. She is always exceptional and excited about being in front of the camera and making films with me. Chris-Ann Johnson- She is a praise dancer that plays the role of Mother in this film. She is also very gifted and enjoys working alongside me as this film also makes our second production together. Chris-Ann also plays the role of camera assistant whenever I have to be in front of the camera.


Child Armor



Artist Statement

This film was aimed at capturing the story of a child's understanding of the popular Ephesians scripture labelled the "Armor of God". The child in this film used all that she had to clothe herself like a Spiritual warrior. The film shows us that a child's understanding of the scriptures may be in some case different but they too need to learn the word of the Lord. This is my first film that is based on the scriptures however with my process in creating it I am encourages to produce more of this kind to aid in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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This film "Child Armor" depicts how a child perceived the Ephesian 6 scripture. Her understanding being limited to the physical realm saw her use of local equipment to arm herself for warfare. This film is relevant to Ephesians 6:10-20 in that it includes how children too can use the word of God as they grow to empower themselves. It is true that our battles are not fought in the physical realm but the effects of the spiritual warfare manifest in the physical realm also and explaining this little much to our children can help them to understand that God is our defense and that once we equip ourselves with the righteous weapons then we are ready to fight with God by our sides.


Actors: Deron Douglas Chris-Ann Johnson Zariah Pinnock Narrator: KJV Audio Bible Camera Assistant: Chris-Ann Johnson Director Editor and Cinematographer: Deron Douglas Sound Track Licence: Filmstro:

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