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Jonathan Rothermel began to seriously pursue filmmaking as a career in 2016. Two years later, he co-founded Cursive Films with his brother, Michael. Together, they make films across the United States and the world. Michael Rothermel - Director of Photography Michael is a filmmaker based in Lancaster, PA. He’s passionate about crafting visual stories that celebrate beauty, inspire people to action, and help us be more human. Michael regularly collaborates with his brother Jonathan as Cursive Films.


Run To Win



Artist Statement

This film was created to be an inspiration to anyone in the Christian faith, and was made with a bit of a commercial style. Since Cursive focuses on making polished films as a production company that are designed to reach a wide audience of people, I wanted to make something that had that same widespread appeal and that would align with the style of work we normally do.

It was great to be able to work with our small team, even in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. All proper precautions were taken on set and we did our best to follow good safety measures.

How it fits into contest

As I read Ephesians 6:10-20 and other related passages, I noticed this recurring theme of battle. According to the scriptures, we are all caught up in this great war between good and evil. As I read more about this, I began to think about how to fight this war, and how this related to me personally as a creative. For creatives, your creative well must be filled before you can create. You fill that well by visiting art museums, finding new artists and art forms, and digesting new experiences across the entire spectrum of the human experience.

I realized that reading the Bible and having faith were very similar in that you have to first read the Bible before you can have faith. No one who fails to read the Bible on a regular basis can keep their faith. So the knowledge of the Bible leads to a better faith, which leads to becoming a stronger Christian who is more well-equipped to fight the spiritual battles in their lives. Just as a runner trains for a race, and a fighter trains for battle, so we must read the Bible to train for spiritual battle.


Jonathan Rothermel - Director, Editor, Voice Over
Michael Rothermel - Director of Photography
Stephanie Weaver - Runner
Wulfgar Ramsey - Production Assistant
Maeve Ramsey - Production Assistant

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Transcript / Lyrics

Where are you without strength?

This spiritual battle you’re in is a lifelong race, and you must not run merely for the sake of running, but to win.

When you are in the emptiness of unknowing, you are weak.

The wilderness of the day-to-day threatens to overwhelm you in the race. 

But fear not, you can be strong.

Strength comes from knowing the Word of the Lord and applying it in your life.

From this knowledge comes faith.

His true strength begins in reading, listening, and putting on the armor every day.

His strength empowers you, so you can run to win.

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