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I love Jesus and film making. I am a director in a wedding film making company just a simple person.


In Visible War

Artist Statement

Since film should be a metaphor for real life i tried to show that there is more going around us than we can see with our eyes in this film with limited budget and resources.

How it fits into contest

It shows that our weapons are might through God and evil does not stand a chance also we must gain strength by praying and abiding in Christ.


director & Writer: Moses Wiltshire
jack: Dennis Allison
kesha: Jordee josiah
Assistant: Cornelle James
VFX: Hendril Costa & Elias

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I offer wedding film services

Transcript / Lyrics

Jack: OK go ahead why don’t you cut the counter in two while you are at it, cut it in two. I don’t understand why you are acting like this, why are you so extra?

Kesha: extra? Anybody get married and don't have time for their wife?

Jack: So we are here again ? we are gonna do this again we have discussed this time and time again but you can't seem to get it in your thick skull, look we have agreed both of us that i was going to work take some time to work on the company and you know what i have and then we would spend some time together. Look you need to start adding some value to this marriage and stop this foolishness

Jack: hello

Business partner: I am just calling to check to see if you slept today

Jack: yes

Business partner: And to make sure you do not sleep in the zoom meeting tonight because what you did the last time, yow that was really disrespectful how could you fall asleep in front of the client.

Jack: I...I haven’t been sleeping very well lately

Business partner: Hey i don't want to hear any excuses, just make sure you do not sleep in the meeting tonight. see you!

Jack: hello.. hello

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