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An Architect by trade, creative storytelling is my passion. Whether it be static creative imagery of design, animated storytelling, or video promo and film, my ultimate goal is to find ways to make Jesus famous. In that pursuit I am constantly looking for ways of self-improvement in the way I can creatively communicate HIS love and his ways as a necessary part of navigating life with a future hope. For the past 8 years I have specialized in Wedding Films, Church Promos, and Online Service Video work as my primary hobby passion. Jennifer Klemple - My wife of almost 30 years. She was gracious enough to help press the record button at my command. A homemaker, mother, wife, a beautiful soul inside and out, she has patiently and lovingly supported my hobby and ministry in videography.





Artist Statement

O N E focuses on the tension between the plans of Satan and the promises of Jesus through his word. A collection of cultural imagery combined with the individual perspective gives texture and perspective to the mental and spiritual battle that occurs in a believer. Imagery presented reflects relevant cultural topics as well as temptations and fears that confront believers in some way. Although not inclusive, it presents a specific context of struggles and yet resolutions ending with a call to rise, love, and move forward in strength individually and collectively to shape our world with the power of Christ in love. It starts with ONE. Each believer needs to be that ONE to initiate real change for Hope.

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O N E focuses on the tension between the lies and work by Satan that fill our minds compared to the promises and power that Christ provides to believers as stated in Ephesians 6. Resisting the lies and dwelling on the living word of God gives the believe the courage and boldness to stand strong in his spirit and influence our local culture with the hope and power that God has available to rise above the plans of the enemy. The story is about standing strong in the face of global and cultural chaos and fear. But the strength of the christian collective is dependent on the individual believer rising to make a difference in Truth and Love.


Rob Klemple - Lead Cast, Writer, Editor, Producer & Director

Jennifer Klemple - Assistant Camera

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Transcript / Lyrics

2020 Engage Art Contest

Video Transcript
Written and Spoken by
Rob Klemple


(The Devil – Speaking to my Mind)

“You aren’t good enough”

You aren’t strong enough”

“You won’t win”

“Look and See”

(Rob Klemple – Response)

“We must resist with righteous power”

“We cannot be afraid or timid”

“But strengthen each other”

“To be silent no more”

“With boldness we stand against division and powers”

“For the defenseless and the misled”

“Not for a cause or a system or a group”

“But for the truth”…”In love”

“Through the power of Jesus Christ, we must stand up against the real enemy”

“Together”…”But it starts with each ONE”

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