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God bless you all! My name is Chris, I’m an ordained Christian minister and a growing filmmaker.



My Minds Playing Tricks on Me



Artist Statement

My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me is a 3-minute short film that takes place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our protagonist, Mr. Fuller, is really struggling with major changes in the world at large, within his nuclear family, and especially within the world of his thoughts. He suffers from depression and anxiety and must be open to facing the world again.

How it fits into contest

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood..."

The film depicts a believer, who has been locked into a battle within his own mind. His depression, fear, and anxiety have been heightened by the horrors of the Covid-19 pandemic and he has isolated himself from everyone he loves. We are given a peek behind the curtain of his struggle to get a glimpse of the hand of the enemy at work. When the believer hears and understands the word of God, he literally runs to the Word and begins to walk in the light! Often times we use the wrong tools to accomplish the wrong job. We need to use spiritual weapons to fight this spiritual battle, just as Mr. Fuller did in the film.


This film would not be possible without the following help:
The Lord God Almighty.......... Himself
Mr. Fuller.......... Chris James
Caller #1 / Walter Frye.......... A.T. Johnson
Caller #2 / Becca......... Becca James
Church Choir.......... 100 Voices of Hillside
Church # 1.......... First Baptist Church, Hillside, NJ
Preacher.......... Rev Darron Thompson
Church #2.......... Greater New Point Missionary Baptist Church, Irvington, NJ

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

In 2000, I took my first cameraman job, filming public events and meetings for a non-profit. I love working on the following types of projects:

-Narrative Films
-Movie Trailers

Let me know if you have any questions, and hopefully, we can work together soon!

Chris James

Music / Sound Sources

Total Praise performed by 100 Voices of Hillside Choir. Used by permission of choir/Director.
The soundtrack is an original creation for My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me by Chris James.

Transcript / Lyrics

00:03:25:13 - 00:03:42:20
Speaker 1
Mr. Fuller, this is Walter Frye from the bank. And I've left you five messages, and it's starting to get a little taxing. I don't know what else I can do at this point, being that we haven't heard anything. If we don't hear anything back from you this week, we're gonna have to start the foreclosure process on the house.

00:03:43:13 - 00:03:48:10
Speaker 1
Mr. Fuller, please call us back as soon as you can. We really don't want to have to go through all this paperwork.

00:03:50:13 - 00:03:58:18
Speaker 2
Hey Dad it's me.


All listen, I'm just gonna come right out and say it.

00:04:00:01 - 00:04:03:07
Speaker 3
Mom has me asking whether or not you signed the divorce papers.

00:04:03:10 - 00:04:04:12
Speaker 4
She can't be serious..

00:04:04:18 - 00:04:08:11
Speaker 3
She hasn't heard anything from you and she and Gary are getting married.

00:04:08:11 - 00:04:09:19
Speaker 4
Who's Gary?

00:04:10:07 - 00:04:17:10
Speaker 3
So, um, Dad. Just give me a call. I haven't heard from you, so give me a call.

00:04:18:11 - 00:04:58:06
Speaker 4
You have 40 new messages. True. And which is Wednesday. 5:33 a.m. I really don't blame them for leaving Man, I screwed everything up I wouldn't want to be with me either.

00:05:03:06 - 00:05:21:13
Speaker 4
It's just the phone I get up and call If you could pick up the phone and give her a call. Be strong. Pick up the phone and call me. Why can't. I can't draw my thoughts. Why can't I just think I need to think.

00:05:24:04 - 00:05:27:18
Speaker 2
The whiles of the devil But we.

00:05:27:19 - 00:05:57:17
Speaker 4
Do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Against spiritual wickedness in high places. Therefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand in the evil day. And having done all to stand...

00:05:58:15 - 00:06:02:23
Speaker 2
That So what do you think?

00:06:04:22 - 00:06:21:11
Speaker 4
I'm wearing a skinny jeans So you're trying to say I can't pull off skinny jeans? Listen, just tell Mom I am bringing the cupcakes. Okay? All right. So you don't have to get any. I got the cupcakes.

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