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My name is Triston Gollop. I hail from the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago, currently pursuing a in Political Science and Psychology at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. I have always had a passion for the performing arts and have luckily been blessed to have the ability to act, sing and dance. I honestly hope to one day use my talents to give back to my country and my region, all while in the process becoming the best version of myself and inspiring others to do the same.



For they who seek faith



Artist Statement

For They Who Seek Faith, written by Shelci-Marie Narine and Triston N. Gollop depicts a young man battling with the reality of adversity. Naïve in his youth, he struggles to come to terms with the facts that he has been evicted and forced to live on the streets, and so blames God for his misfortune. Meaning - In life we often find ourselves seeking someone to blame for our misfortunes, sometimes regardless of how we came to be in a particular situation. What we represent here is our inability as humans to sometimes rationally cope with the hardship that we are faced with, in this case being evicted. Our desire to get what we want has a tendency to outweigh the importance of relationships that we have spent years building, whether spiritually with the father or physically with our brothers and sisters, because they have not quenched our desire.
Turning to alcohol, his drunken state enrages him to the point where he shouts at God and demands an answer for his sorrows and begins to question the reason for his initial faith. However, as his questioning intensifies, he is filled with sadness, seeking the voice of his friend, and the only person he wants to talk to during this time in his life. Crying, he humbles himself before the lord and says a prayer from his heart. Meaning - Following up from the aforementioned and our inability to sometimes cope rationally, we see the effects of substance abuse during the young man's crisis and how it amplifies his anger towards God. Too often do we turn to consumption when we are filled with feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and depression, which in turn sets us back even further as it robs us of the opportunity to engage in introspective thought to thoroughly assess our situation. Because of this, we saw the need to emphasize that even in a state of anger and discontentment with God, we cannot cast him away as we need his resilience to overcome adversity.

Taking a jump into the future, we see that our protagonist has since overcome his troubles. Renewed and empowered by God's presence in his journey of faith, he shares his words and experiences with persons who may be enduring similar struggles, they who seek faith. In his words he highlights the actions and fantasies that inhibit us from feeling God's presence in our life, and reinforces the need for faith seekers to actively search for, and embrace God's love. Meaning - Growth is always important. In his words to “they who seek faith”, we saw it fit to show a contrast in disposition between the anger of a younger him, and his older self, more composed and grounded in the gospel. Additionally, it was important that he not only spoke these words for others but that he used pronouns such as “our”, “we” and “us”, highlighting that he himself was still seeking faith and spiritual protection. This growth and maturity was what we strived to depict.

How it fits into contest

The Spiritual Battle manifests itself in many different ways throughout our lives. In the life of our protagonist we see it appear through his eviction. Angry with the Father, he falls pray to substance abuse and lashes out because he believed he "deserved more". He emphasizes words such as "weak and pathetic", "cast out", "do you no longer love me", showcasing his wavering faith and battle with his inner self. However, in admitting the imperfections of his flesh he understands that his battle can only be won through the protection of our Father. In this piece he encourages those seeking faith to continuously trust in the righteousness of God, instead of the self-righteousness of their ego. Understanding that seeking truth in this distorted world takes more than courage, but a firm, geared stance in the face of evil to truly forge a shield of faith. That in trusting in the Lord’s words constitutes a weapon of protection far more intense than anything the enemy can ever conjure.


Written By - Shelci-Marie Narine & Triston N. Gollop
Performed By - Triston N. Gollop
Produced and Directed By - Shelci-Marie Narine

Special Thanks:
Wesley Charles - Extra
Zayda Belcon - Extra
The St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church

Music / Sound Sources


Transcript / Lyrics

For They Who Seek Faith - By Shelci-Marie Narine & Triston N. Gollop

Is this what you wanted? A shell of a man too weak and pathetic…. Cast out... Cast out by everyone. Tell me.
I did everything right. I trusted in my faith, I met you halfway. I deserved more. Yet you threw me me , your faithful servant, out of my home.

LORD! Why, why can I not hear your voice?
Do, do you no longer love me?
Please, ANSWER ME!

Lord hear my prayer, forgive my slander for I am weak. Mold me to be the person you need me to be not just for myself, but for they who suffer in my disposition.

For they who seek faith, I hope you find comfort in my words.
Understanding that in this life, no one person is born a saint,
That no one person is omitted from the temptations of our flesh,
That no one person is loved more than the other by Our Father.
This, is our reality.

For they who seek faith, heed my words.
Do not succumb to the propagation of self-righteousness,
Because for all your pride, you will not find the father’s grace,
Nor will you provide a valiant example for the on-looking generation.
Instead, strive to live in the righteousness of the father,
For there is a lot more that can be taught & learnt through his love, humility and wisdom.

Strive to appreciate and relish the gifts of his spirit,
For they are more valuable than any platinum or gold,
More luxurious than any car or mansion,
And more comforting than any man or woman.
This is how we are transformed by the lord,
This is how we overcome the transactional nature of this world. [1 John 5:5]

It is important that we understand that life is not about acquisition but rather, inquisition.
About continuous strides to seek truth and justice,
About awaken ourselves to evil of this world and
Ensuring that we are spiritually equipped for whatever adversities,
Test or trials that may be presented to us.

For they who seek faith, be on guard,
stand firm . Be courageous. Be strong. [1 Cor 16:13]
Fear no entity or adversity that stands in the way of you and your lord,
Hold fast his gospel, and listen to his teachings,
Exercising patience, being careful not to let an anxious heart derail your relationship
By exciting you to anger and distrust.

For they who seek faith, seek it genuinely, seek it humbly, seek it wisely, seek it carefully.

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