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Bobby Bendito is a saved man who's been through a lot, including poverty, violence and drug abuse. I along with my wife had our first kid at the ages of 14 and 15. We met when I was 11 and she was 12 and now some 30 years later we're still together and married with 7 kids and 7 grandkids! The road hasn't been easy, at times I've been the one with all the money at other times the one without a dime. As time went on God allowed my selfish and sinful ways to break me down to the point where I became the borrower, and an addict. My greatest falls in life helped me to realize that God had always been there even when I didn't know it and He is now doing things in my life that I could never do by myself. My wrong turns have turned into the best things that ever happened to me, my failures led me to Jesus Christ and He then led me to my victories. My pain has become my purpose, my scars have become my testimony! As an artist my music is the least that I can do to glorify my God. I aim to reach those in the streets who may otherwise not be reached through traditional methods of ministry. God has saved me from so much and knowing that there are plenty of men in some of the same situations I once was in, is what drives me to tell of the goodness of God and also to expose the enemy through my music! There is so much more to my story and testimony that I will continue to share through the songs that God writes on my heart.


The Takeback

Artist Statement

The takeback is a song which is very personal to me and is all based on true events that have occured in my life and that of my family's life. I am a christian hip hop artist and so I tied in personal experiences to my relationship with Jesus Christ to express my redemption and renewal in Christ. The video includes real photos of those family members and situations which I am speaking of throughout the song! I thought it would be more real and engaging for the viewer to see the images while listening.

How it fits into contest

The song is all about battling back against the enemy to take back all of the things my family has lost. Things such as goals, plans, marriages, in some cases even lives were lost. Now that I know who I am in Christ this is a declaration of my spiritual renewal and I'm putting the enemy on notice that it is redemption season. Through the saving grace and blood of Jesus Christ I am now equipped with the spiritual armor of God which enables me to engage in spiritual warfare in a way I previously had not been able to due to being spiritually blinded and stuck in bondage. I am no longer fighting with my flesh or my emotions but with the weapons provided to me by my heavenly father, knowing that He has His hands on me and guides my every step. This song is also about a man of integrity, one who stands on the word of God and a man who is not only unashamed of the gospel but courageous and bold in my declaration of victory through my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!


Mariah Barrera - filmed, directed and edited the video (my daughter) Bobby Barrera - lyricist,performer, song writer

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