Artist bio

A self taught musician, Jeff has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 21 years old. Over the years his skills have developed while being inspired to write music for his different iterations of bands. Jeff has toured across Canada with one of the bands in which he was a member. Jeff is married to professional visual artist Heather Haynes and is the proud father of two university aged sons. Jeff lives in the beautiful 1000 Islands Region of Ontario, Canada.


Floor To Ceiling

Artist Statement

This video was created as a promotional piece for my wife's art business. It is our life's philosophy to live our truth...recently she has been exploring new art and new ways to create has been freeing, as she has broken free from the restrictions of painting something she knows will sell. It was freeing to paint over one of her large pieces from a successful series. My song seemed to fit with her new painting - shown at the beginning of the video, which over the course of the video, reveals to her onlookers the piece she covered, which was a very poignant, pivotal decision. But it was the right thing to do for many reasons!

How it fits into contest

God --> truth --> courage --> vulnerability --> strength --> truth --> God


Jeff Montgomery - all music, lyrics and instruments, footage.
Heather Haynes - all visual art

Transcript / Lyrics

Your words that you gave to me, I give them back to you,
In pieces, in harmony, floor to ceiling, for all to view.
Your love, you've been sending my way, I send it back to you,
I send it back in pieces, in harmony, floor to ceiling, with feeling, for all to view.
I send it back in pieces, in harmony, floor to ceiling, smother it with feeling, with feeling, a little more revealing, a little less appealing, but nothing but the truth....

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