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Bio: Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon developed a strong affinity to nature with artistic foundations in visual art and music. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full time endeavor bringing his musical background into the visual realm. Simon has explored many visual mediums, often with a strong influence in spiritual themes connected to nature. In 2007 he graduated from Vancouver Film School, Digital Design, where he learned motion-graphics, among other computer skills. This led to him animating many of his paintings, and subsequently has now brought this to many live VJ performances with various global music acts including his own. He continues to also produce music, and has released four full length solo albums since 2002. Within art galleries, festivals, conventions, and online platforms, his work is exhibited globally. He currently works out of his studio in Roberts Creek, BC, while continuing to explore an ever expanding palette of creative endeavors. Artist Statement: I'm curious about our psychic connection to nature and the interconnected universal source of all life. In my devotion to the creative process, I strive to find ways of producing art that inspires harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants.  I feel that our collective need, and appreciation for nature unites us all. Each creation reflects an aspect of my life journey; thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities.




Electronic / EDM

Artist Statement

This concept of this video is to provide a simple context of about the spiritual journey as being birthed from God source energy then moving through physical life and navigating the sharp edges that can surround it, ultimately the journey ends with death and the transformation back to God as pure love energy.

My artwork has typically translated the mystical energies of life and God into a relatable format involving nature.

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Protected by the light of God from birth to death, the inner flame acts as a sheild against darkness as it moves in the Earth realm. In the final scene spirits move like angelic flame back to the source of light from where they came, passing through shadow and rising up into the truth of love, light and majesty that is all, that is God.


Artwork, Animation, Direction, Production - Simon Haiduk
Lyrics and Vocals - Perpper Proud
Music - Mas

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The album is available as digital or physical copy through

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Transcript / Lyrics

If you're searching
for the answer
to the riddle
here on Earth,

The Riddle’s
gone unanswered
from the moment
of it’s birth.

for the answer
so many
would pursue,
in favor
of their honor
she provided
just one clue.

Rise up
from the ashes
you decide
which way to go,
either up,
or side ways,
then you’ll need
to know.

You will Rise,
like a flame,
Rise live again,
you will rise
like a flame
rise live again.

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