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In 2018, North Carolina natives Chris Jordan and Frankie Bauguess came together to form an all original, Christian based rock band. For five years, they were former bandmates touring in a secular group throughout the east coast but their desire to write original music that is Christian based was obviously not in one accord with the former band and therefore it met its bitter end. But out of the ashes, they formed the most electrifying, energizing, faith based hard rock band that you will ever see. They came together with other phenomenal musicians, Jason Evans, Tommy Church and Kevin Maund and started writing songs that went against the typical religious vein of top 40, church themed music. Their new album is slated for release in the fall of 2020. They are not afraid to push to envelope, cross secular borders, and make their music as hard and loud, all while delivering a message of faith. In a world full of chaos, orchestrated by the devil himself, they knew it was time for a rebellion, time for someone to stand up and fight back, time to take up the shield, time to take up the sword, time to prepare for battle, time……...for the Saints to rise. Gotham City Saints': Chris Jordan: Drums/Vocals Frankie Bauguess: Guitars/Vocals Tommy Church: Guitars Jason Evans: Bass Kevin Maund: Vocals Each member of GCS has performed in the music business either touring the world in national acts or touring in a regional act. This helps bring in a diverse style and unified strength in our sound. Our goal is to finish our new album and get these songs out there to deliver a message.


Facing Giants



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Thank you for taking the time to read and view our material. The name of our song is entitled, 'Facing Giants'. It takes a biblical principle and applies to everyday life, intenionally keeping it very real to what we face today. Lyrically it speaks of David vs Goliath but the reality is that Goliath is an everyday giant of suicide, depression, drugs, divorce, homelessness that each of us face in our own way. The video we have submitted shows the everyday struggle people face of suicide, depression, drugs, divorce, homelessness. Whether you are a Christian or not, these struggles are real. Our goal is for this to be a message that no matter what giants you face, with God you can defeat them all. We are a Christian based rock band and we want our songs to tell a story of a better way out. Our musical style is diverse. We are not afraid to cross boundaries and push the envelope with our music. We know the battlefield is in the world we 'live' in. There are plenty of musicians and bands who play 'for' the church (and we mean no disrespect to that. Its needed) but Jesus didn't say go to the church and preach, he said go to the world, and right now, the world is a messed up place!

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In relation to Ephesians 6 scripture, this song implies that your gong to have to fight the enemy. And if your going into battle, you need your armor. In this case, the armor is turning back to Gods word and seeking him, no matter your battle, no matter the giants that you face. God can overcome these things. The world has become the playground and battle ground of the devil. He preys on the weak and that weakness is a kink in our armor. Our sword is His word. Our minds may be weak but His helmet will dispel the lies. Even when our heart is broken, His shield will protect us, His belt will guide our actions. We also feel the scripture from Psalm 144 speaks in this as well. (144:1; Praise be to the Lord, my rock, who strengthens my hands for war and my fingers for battle.) Our song 'Facing Giants' talks about these struggles and taking the fight to the enemy. Yes we know, some church people have issues with that very statement. But Jesus didn't tell us to preach to the church, he said go preach to the world and your going to have to be a fighter in this world we live in today. We don't don our armor and pick up our swords to go to 'Sunday-after-church-pig-picking', we put it on to go to war. 'Facing Giants' is about war. Its about fighting the battle. Its about defeating the enemy. Its an anthem, to pick yourself up, ask God for help and together, slay the demons we all face. Because, in a world full of chaos, orchestrated by the devil himself, it's time for a rebellion, it's time for someone to stand up and fight back, it's time to take up the shield, time to take up the sword, time to prepare for battle, time……...for the Saints to rise. We are the Saints.


Chris Jordan / Frankie Bauguess: Lyrics Chris Jordan / Frankie Bauguess / Jason Evans / Tommy Church: Music Chris Jordan / Frankie Bauguess / Kevin Maund: Vocals Chris Jordan / Mazedin Reza: Video

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This is currently a digital copy that is part of our new album available in the fall of 2020 through all of our social media accounts. FB: Gotham City Saints IG: Official GothamCity Saints

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