Denise Tiller

Artist bio

Hello my name is Denise Tiller & I play piano. I teach piano & have an art business. Once it grows, proceeds will go towards ministries in America as well as overseas.



Artist Statement

This song is explaining Ephesians 6:11 & whatever you bind on earth you bind in Heaven. Whatever you loose on earth you loose in Heaven. I emphasize a lot that love is the key.

How it fits into contest

In my song, “Praise” I describe putting on the Full Armor of God. I also sing about love, & letting go of hatred & envy. My inspiration for this piece was to express the love of God and how that is the key to succeed. I also incorporated Ephesians 6:11 because that is one powerful reference of scripture.


I created this song from improvisation, & just letting The Holy Spirit take control.

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