Sabrina Jovic

Artist bio

I am a classically trained vocalist, but when I am unable to sing I have been using art for the past few years to cope with mental illness to give me a voice.



Artist Statement

The poem was written during a deep depression, knowing that even through the darkness, the God is still my light-- Micah 7:8
Even at my darkest points of my mind-- there is still hope.

Videos were taken during beginning and mid-isolation of Covid-19. Music was composed for piano and trombone. Though it sounds dark- it ends with changing to hopeful progression. The words are contrasting to the music- persevering the battle of the mind.

How it fits into contest

Depression has been an ongoing battle for me for 25 years. This work combines spoken word, music and video. Mental Illness is truly is a battle for the mind. This work reflects on the battle of the mind, spiritual battle and God is our light and our salvation. The spiritual battle brings darkness, death, depression, however, God has been my light. I have chose to do the video in black and white because it shows the extremes and contrast. Without light the videos would seem hopeless, but even though it is dark there God omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient-- still shines penetrating the darkness.


Music Sabrina Jovic, Stan Claus
Poetry, Sabrina Jovic
Video, Sabrina Jovic
Music Editing- Stan Claus

Transcript / Lyrics

hope in God
in the depths of my mind shines
a glimmer of
beneath the ashes glistens
a grain of assurance
in the darkness radidates flooding light into
my soul
giving the endurance a reason
to persevere

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