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Stefani Timmerman is a country music singer/songwriter and visual artist from the rural coast of SC. Also a public school art teacher, she incorporates music into her art curriculum and started a guitar/songwriting program in her hometown school. A wife and mother of a high school junior and college senior, she is an active member of her small community country church, singing old fashioned spiritual hymns with a trio of unplugged musicians during service time. Stefani brings low cost Christian themed painting workshops to many South Carolina youth and bible study programs. She also enjoys writing music and collaborating with fellow singer/songwriters in various venues throughout her town. You can find some of her work on Reverbnation. She hopes to produce her first album this summer in a professional studio as funding allows.


Dragon Flames (Tidal's Song)

Artist Statement

Dragon Flames reflects more of an Americana style genre rather than a country music one. I was influenced by the works of several pop and rock artists from the 60's and 70's. I often write songs about family and include Christ or God in the lyrics. I hope this song brings much hope to those parents sending their children off to college, into the military, and into the business world after technical school and college graduations.

How it fits into contest

This song was written in the middle of the night, after a bout with insomnia. My son, a senior in college, had just moved off campus due to limited on campus housing, and I needed to put on my Armor and write down my feelings about this change. After writing the song, I realized I had equipped him with the tools to build on the Armor he was born with. My son had always played soldier as a child, and he was given the name of Tidal after Tidal king of Goiim, who in Genesis, and defeated Sodom and Gommorah (Genisis 14:9). Since Tidal was little, we have encouraged and strengthened his Armor. He is providing amazing leadership his final year in college to his school even while living off campus. I think every parent can relate to this song, for as followers of God, we make a declaration that we will ensure to raise our children to follow Him.


Stefani Timmerman vocals, guitar, lyrics

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Format: Streaming

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Acrylic Spiritual Painting Workshop $10 per student local / $15 per student outside tricounty area

Spiritual Journaling: A Jouney of Faith, Art and Music .......Faith based Art and Songwriting Workshop $25

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