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Casey Noel is an emerging singer/songwriter in the NC Triad area. She is currently a rising senior at UNCG, and has been playing guitar since the age of five. Casey Noel brings a blend of folk, country, blues, and pop to her unique rasp and powerful sound. She possesses a pure vocal quality that is both distinct and mesmerizing. Though fairly new to the Triad music scene, she has made appearances at Muddy Creek Music Hall, The Wakeforest Listening Room, WHUP Pass the Hat and most recently opened at The Reeves Theater. Her passion for singing and writing has her poised to make a big impact on the NC Triad music scene and beyond.



Artist Statement

I'm a singer-songwriter and being a touring musician is my dream. Song-writing is a huge passion of mine and I write all my music from my real life experiences. Every song comes about in a different way and I try to never force a song and instead develop it organically.

How it fits into contest

Engage Art – Ephesians 6:10-20

My song “Sometimes” was inspired by my own battles and the hardships of friends and family. The song is centered around the struggles we encounter in life. Many of those battles, for me anyway occur when I listen to the lies of the “evil one” or as is described in the verse – the devil’s schemes. The enemy uses anything and anyone to knock people down and would love nothing more for people to stay down never having victory in their lives.
It is inevitable that we will all have to deal with hard things and that there will be struggles. However, how we face the struggle and how we view it impact how we live our lives. “Sometimes,” is a statement about walking with the belt of truth wrapped around your waist. This allows you to fall but still stand your ground by standing up and proclaiming that down is not where you will stay nor is it the plan God has for your life. Truth allows you to see beauty in the midst of tragedy, it also helps you realize that with HIS truth you are stronger every time you overcome adversity. The chorus in the song really revolves around that idea:
Sometimes you need the dark to see the light, sometimes you need to crash before you fly, sometimes you learn what’s wrong so you can love what’s right …


Casey Noel Perkins

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