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A genre-bending Artist with the ability to passionately merge real life experiences and faith, Johns Island, SC native Jeremiah Bligen is committed to releasing God-conscious music that speaks to and about the realities of life. Jeremiah cites his struggles, victories, love for various styles of music and the work of his late grandfather; Benjamin, as artistic inspiration. In August 2012, Jeremiah released his well received first mixtape “Before I Wake”, which landed him on's Top Freshman of 2013 list. Bligen continued his musical journey with the release of his debut album “When Ravens Cry” in December 2015. Now residing in the Carolinas with his family, Bligen is dedicated to sharing his testimony and hope with others through community service and music.




Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

"Wake" is a single from the NFTRY's very first album, "Inventory". It is a cry from the heart of believers that want to be in line with God's word and spirit. With so many things available in today's world to distract us and deter us from focusing on the beauty of God and glory of Christ, we want to be constantly reminded to let our light shine before men so that they may glorify our Father in heaven , and if there is anything lulling us to sleep so that we aren't walking in a manner worthy - wake us.

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The spiritual battle we all fight begins within ourselves, the things we battle that seek to destroy our devotion to God. This expresses that fight by asking God, the one who has already won the battle for us, to keep us and set our feet and focus on him. From there every victory that there is to be had, is had.


Shot, edited and directed by Eshon Burgundy for GDLK Films. Additional camera work done by Jeremiah Bligen.

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This is a single from our first album as a group - Inventory.

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