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A genre-bending Artist with the ability to passionately merge real life experiences and faith, Johns Island, SC native Jeremiah Bligen is committed to releasing God-conscious music that speaks to and about the realities of life. Jeremiah cites his struggles, victories, love for various styles of music and the work of his late grandfather; Benjamin, as artistic inspiration. In August 2012, Jeremiah released his well received first mixtape “Before I Wake”, which landed him on's Top Freshman of 2013 list. Bligen continued his musical journey with the release of his debut album “When Ravens Cry” in December 2015. Now residing in the Carolinas with his family, Bligen is dedicated to sharing his testimony and hope with others through community service and music. Individual bios for the NFTRY can be found at (7 artists, including the videographer Eshon Burgundy). Music Producers: DaBoomSquad Bio: Daboomsquad is a record & engineer production team consisting of producers and instrumentalists hailing from the likes of Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, Richmond VA and Sioux Falls SD. Daboomsquad are a team of four members K-Diamond, @kdiamondbeats, Rockhouse Music @iamrockhouse, Jluv Productions @jluvbeatskc and A-Foe @afoe_100. Daboomsquad assembled back in 2016 with the desire to glorify Christ and grow immensely in the area of music, engineering and overall production. K-Diamond and Feeze187 had a relationship prior to music production as they both played college football together. The remainder of the team JLuv and Rock House came about via developed friendships and relationships over time. Daboomsquad are know for their hard hitting drums, 808’s, sample chops and crispy melodic elements. Daboomsquad aren’t strangers to music and understand what it takes to attack all genres of musical production. (




Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

"Wake" is a single from the NFTRY's very first album, "Inventory". It is a cry from the heart of believers that want to be in line with God's word and spirit. With so many things available in today's world to distract us and deter us from focusing on the beauty of God and glory of Christ, we want to be constantly reminded to let our light shine before men so that they may glorify our Father in heaven , and if there is anything lulling us to sleep so that we aren't walking in a manner worthy - wake us.

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The spiritual battle we all fight begins within ourselves, the things we battle that seek to destroy our devotion to God. This expresses that fight by asking God, the one who has already won the battle for us, to keep us and set our feet and focus on him. From there every victory that there is to be had, is had.


Shot, edited and directed by Eshon Burgundy for GDLK Films. Additional camera work done by Jeremiah Bligen.

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This is a single from our first album as a group - Inventory.

Transcript / Lyrics

NFTRY - Wake

THRE Verse:

Though my footsteps ordered, and I took steps forward to foot step water/ when I should rep For ya every footstep toward ya I look left for ya/ blinded by the sea I should wept water, my mind is out of key
I just left torture/ pick me up Lord save me cause the wind blow crazy my sin go take me I’ve been low lately, but the pen go crazy so men go praise me, and I don’t wanna be put on a pedestal/ see that pride a turn me into an animal yeah I’m fallible with some wondering eyes I need em lateral/ but ya grace is sufficient so when I say that I’m Christian I pray that it’s different, and if I sway from the mission Lord take my position await my submission

If I don’t shift that
Will and I’m stiffed neck
Lord Shake Me
You give grace to the humble
So when pride starts to bubble,
Lord Break Me,
If I’m out here sleep walking
Hypnotized by the sweet talking -
Lord Wake Me
Set me on fire,
Let it burn here and now,
Until the day that you Take Me.
So I won’t when you raise me.


IV Conerly Verse:
Heaven eyes to earth
Great commission, got our marching orders,
They done messed up by stealing us from out our borders,
Now we in they quarters screaming in God we trust,
Impoverished theologians,
But we polished by his touch,
And if I go astray look away messing up,
You give me grace in a place where they test the love,
They might put hands on me,
They might get off a couple shots,
But understand homie,
Long as I live I wont stop

Tone Spain Verse:
A little leaven render the witness ineffective,
Pride'll seep in be in sin but we didn’t detect it,
I bought a field with a treasure so every possession,
God forbid I turn around and neglect the investment,
And its vested, 401 the benefits reap and made innocent,
Sheep remain diligent,
Christ God no king can claim synomym,
Whom he loves he keeps and whom he keeps
He disciplines.


Eshon Burgundy Verse:
 just wanna keep my torch lit/
they keep trying to make me 
want the Forbes list/
Trying to maintain my faith 
and keep it gorgeous/
Only narrow minded people 
will applaud this/
Only shallow minded people 
will avoid this/
Somewhere at the foot of 
the cross is where the choice is/
When I’m a little bit off 
I’m still anointed/
So Lord correct me when I’m wrong before I wrong this/

Jeremiah Bligen Verse:
Here I am again now on my knees knocking,
Praying I would walk well (whale) Like a sea orca,
And What I spew off the dome, it Would be water,
Boarding a plane to normal, would mean torture.
And lately I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut,
Wrestling with God, Tryna chump a construct -
In the way of my faith,To
It’s a tussle to touch,
But im Fighting Beyond this
Like Knuck if you buck

Jay Cabassa Bridge:

So many distractions in sight I pray,
The spirit that Liveth inside will take,
The mold of my mind, the holes in my heart
Desires that blind me right away
So many in line to benign our faith,
Spirit that liveth inside I pray,
Renew my mind, take root in my heart
So I can live this life here wide awake

Father, do whatever you gotta,
Keep me out of the lava
Lead me back to the water
So easy just to get caught up,
Continue fighting a rival
While waiting for your arrival.
Walking right in my purpose
Not focusing on a title,
Keep my mind on your goodness
It keeps it from going idle,
In your image you sketch me if ever I get too sketchy
May your spirit come fetch me
When everything got too shaky
The devil trying to bait me,
Before the pressure can break me
Lord wake me.

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