Artist bio

Rokmor, a husband and wife rap duo, uses their platform to bring truth and change into the world. On 11/11/2019 they released their first album “The Genesis” on all major streaming platforms. In March of this year they released a single entitled “Call” in hopes of bringing encouragement in the midst hard and trying times. Their music invites it’s listeners to go to a higher level in their calling and purpose.




Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

We, Rokmor, wanted to write a song to help equip believers for the spiritual battles we face daily. We wanted to almost depict a sort of journey throughout the video. The locations were symbolic of areas of our lives that are dry and barren in contrast to areas that are overflowing. We also show Salvation mountain as a symbol of freedom joy and overcoming the trials we face.

How it fits into contest

This song is tells of the spiritual battle we as believers face every day. It is based primarily around Ephesians 6:10-20 which is integrated into the lyrics of the song.


Rokmor- Performers/artists/writers/ video editing/filming/ lyricist/costuming
Nick Drive: Film Assistant/Composer
Philip Roquemore: Film Assistant
Sharon Washington: Film Assistant

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We are available for live performances.

Transcript / Lyrics

War Cry

We are waging war
A raging war
We are waging war
A raging war

We are waging war
A raging war
We are waging war
A raging war

Faith is a shield that we wield with boldness
Coming out of tribulation with a power like Moses
Shining bright like a city so the people will notice
Watching Christ and not the waves so we don’t sink in this ocean

It’s the Word that gives us power not the ones from ourselves
It’s the Scripture that’ll save the lost and broken from hell
We’re called to set the captives free and break the chains of deception
But it’s only through the power of Jesus Christ’s resurrection

Never trust in your own strength
Wait on the Lord and you won’t faint
Raising you up like an eagle and causing your way to be hindered by no thang

Be like the prophets in old days
Faith in the Lord is in no way
Allowing yourself to be doubting the power of God and His miracles ok

Most important you’re only a sheep who
Must allow the Good Shepard to lead you
Knowing the voice of the Shepard and following Him where the quietest streams move
When the devil comes round to deceive you
Speak the truth of the Word and believe you
Will see in the land of the living the goodness of Jesus the one who redeemed you

We are waging war
A raging war
We are waging war
A raging war

We are waging war
A raging war
We are waging war
A raging war

Weapons of warfare are not of the flesh
Spiritual battles are what rattle up the enemy best
Sword of the Spirit can you hear it piercing right though their chest
Leaving demons bleeding out and trample over their heads
Yeah the Kingdom suffers violence righteous take it by force
You can’t sit back, relax, and hope that it won’t come to your door
Step into position start equipping Holy Armor of course
Put on the shield, helmet, shoes, belt, breastplate, and sword
Keeping the Scripture with ya,
I’m hoping you get the picture
I’m helping you learn how to fight and to walk in the light when the world is against ya
Fear not when the enemy tempts ya
Salvation is that which exempts ya
Greater is He that is living in thee than the one that would try to condemn ya
Listen to what I am saying
Cause warfare is never a game
It’s always a fight when you walk in the light but for this is why Jesus was slain
In the world but not of it remain
No prideful or covetous stain
Surrender your life to the Lord up above for forever In Glory He reigns

It’s looking like Jericho
We’re walking around
Bring out the worshipers
The trumpet will sound
Watching the walls crumble
They’re tumbling down
Snapping the chains we’re no longer bound
We got the victory let freedom resound
Letting the light shine in the dark places
Filling the world with His mighty grace
Draw up your weapon no time to waste
Follow me now let’s finish the race

We’re waging war
A raging war
We’re waging war
A raging war

We are waging war
A raging war
We are waging war
A raging war

We are waging war
A raging war
We are waging war
A raging war

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