Julian Rucker

Artist bio

>I AM< Passionate, Innovative, hands-on Multi Disciplinary Designer with a keen eye for illustrative design, typography and animation. Conscious Creator of compelling creative promotional content for social media , web design, print design, posters… etc. Creating and delivering Human Centric Design that will appeal to the target audience. I bring my strategic thinking skills, combined with strong communication,and compelling storytelling to lead teams and speak to my passions!


Divine Distraction


Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

Divine Distraction.
This video shows the power of faith and mediation, in living in your Christ light. It also shows how easily distracted we can become and how it throws off our balance in life and sets us back.
This video was created using a series of still images.

How it fits into contest

It’s about faith and balance and the struggle.


Ryan Morgan
He helped me shoot it all. Small team. The music is sampled not mine.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Music not available. I made the video. Custom prints for sale where I can place purchaser into image.

Transcript / Lyrics

Not sure if lyrics. But I can always change the song if need be. 🙂 I like to share positivity

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