Artist bio

Rhobyn Grant is an 18 year old singer/songwriter, actress, youth ambassador and mental health activist. She was born in Havana, Cuba and is currently living on the beautiful island of st. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is the eldest of seven children and, as such, she always makes an effort to be the best example for her siblings to follow. Rhobyn considers herself royalty and aspires to use all of her many talents for the kingdom of God. In 2018 she founded the ACTT ( A Change Through Theatre) Initiative; a non- profit organization geared towards raising awareness for mental illness, decreaing the stigma surrounding mentally ill persons and promoting good mental health. Rhobyn believes that the arts create an avenue for young people to cope with various social ills. She is a very passionate, energetic and outgoing leader who hopes to one day change the world.


For my life.

Artist Statement

The music video highlights the marital dysfunction in a household and how it may hinder or have a negative effect on the spiritual growth of even the child in the home.
It was shot at two locations; at the Kingstown Baptist Church ( sanctuary and kitchen) and at the Botanical Gardens in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The outfit worn in the shots taken at the Botanical Gardens features a t-shirt bearing the face of Martin Luther King, with the words “I have a dream” printed below. This was deliberate as it alludes to the famous MLK speech wherein the legend expressed his desire for equality amongst blacks and whites in America; a fight that has been ongoing for ages. This includes the recent upheavals in the United States, stemming from racial discrimination which have impacted the entire world and caused the black community as well as supporting groups to unite in the fight against the oppression of God’s creation. This was also addressed somewhat in the beginning of the video when the preacher expresses that ‘ it is not the black police officer or the white police officer...”, alluding to the George Ffloyd case and the many other occurrences of white police brutality towards African Americans. All in all, the video seeks to highlight the fact that it is the devil who has orchestrated many of the unfavorable circumstances we may face not only on a national or global scale but even in our own homes.
The spirit of discernment in times like these as well as faith that the Lord our God will deliver us are key. The video emphasizes that the onus is on us as Christians to stand up for righteousness and equip ourselves and others spiritually, (through the study of the word of God and evangelism) to victoriously conquer the enemy.
My cannon of work usually impacts persons if all ages and from various backgrounds, however, I identify deeply with the fraction of my target audience which are youth. Youths are often faced with many trials to which I can relate ( as a young person myself) thus, I saw it fit to produce a fun, upbeat song that would most likely grab the attention of the younger generation. The usage of exact scripture in the song is a deliberate attempt at planting the actual word of God into the hearts of those who listen to it in hopes that it will remain there forever.

How it fits into contest

“For My Life” is a contemporary gospel song about being equipped to tackle the many hardships that Christians may face. It emphasizes the importance of being spiritually grounded in this life in order to experience life eternally in heaven. The song features lyrics derived directly from the scripture passage Ephesians 6:10-20 so as to maintain biblical accuracy as much as possible. Furthermore, “For My Life” highlights the fact that being an ambassador for Christ is not only necessary but it is required of us believers, especially in these troubling times.


Composer/lyricist/costume designer/casting director: Rhobyn Grant
Background vocalist/ dancer: Leah Grant
Dancers:Joel Bute, Sheniscia Allen
Producer/guitarist: Tyrique Thomas
Drummer: Samuel Francis
Co-producer/Mixing and mastering/keyboardist: Joshua Lewis
Videographers: Dillano Browne, Javed David
Director of videography/Editor: Dillano Browne
Hair and makeup: Rhonelle Grant-Matthias

Christiana Phillips as mother
Joel Bute as father
Rhobyn Grant as daughter

Transcript / Lyrics

For my life
(sung with a Caribbean accent)

- Fade in from black -

*Video opens with daughter ( earphones in) watching a sermon on YouTube.*

Preacher on screen (and in earphones): The Apostle Paul says would you realize that the real problem is not flesh and blood, it is nothing you can see. It is not the black police officer or the white police officer. It is not the Asian author or the Hispanic author. It is not the Government. It is nothing that you can see. There is an invisible enemy......

*voice in earphones is drowned out by the mother washing dishes in the kitchen*

*Father appears in the next scene*
*Mother and father are arguing*

*Argument is jumbled with the voice of the preacher through earphones*

Mother (in Vincentian dialect) : Ungrateful?..... well cook and eat, cook and eat! Wey you feel this is? ( meaning: what do you think this is?)

Father (in Vincentian dialect): You is my wife!

Mother: I am your wife yes but....... assist me for one day.

Preacher on screen: He ( referring to the devil) is often the one that is influencing some of the most difficult circumstances not only in our nation but in our own homes.

Father: If I come and take your job I would do it better than you!

*Daughter removes one earphone to better hear her parents argument, closes eyes and is dispirited*

Mother: *continuing the argument* better than me? Better than me?

Father: Yeah!

Mother: *indignant* Ok!

*Daughter begins packing up stuff*

Father: I going out wukin’ everyday. I supposed to come back and meet food.

Mother: Excuse me, am I your slave?

Father: You is my wife!

*argument fades*

*Daughter picks up laptop and proceeds to leave*

- Fade to black -
song begins -

[Verse 1]

Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, (powers), spiritual wickedness, rulers of the darkness of this world.


Armour on
Armour on
Ready to fight
Ready to fight

Armour on
Armour on
Ready to fight,
for my life oh oh
Eternal life oh oh oh

[Verse 2]

I wanna be like Jesus
God you are my key to survival
So when de pressures of life they come down come crashing
On me
I know Jehovah’s fighting for me
( fighting for me)


Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.
Teach boldly the mystery of the gospel.
Let go of the hurt and all the sinning and the strife.
Stand firm in your armour.


I got my
Armour on
Armour on
Ready to fight
Ready to fight

Armour on
Armour on
Ready to fight
For my life oh oh ( for my life x2)
Eternal life oh oh oh ( eternal life x2)

[Verse 3]
I’m talking breastplate of righteousness and your feet shod with the gospel of peace.
Girt your loins with the truth that our God is gonna see you through.
Issa war out dey
Watch what a gwarn, dis ah time fo we hold on saints.
This ah time fo we pray.
So listen wey me say!

[Musical interlude]
You got to put on your armour
Oooooooo Oooooooooo

[verse 4]
Above all taking the shield of faith wherewith we shall quench
All the fiery darts of the wicked (wicked)
And take de helmet of salvation
And de sword of the spirit
Which is the word of God

Hide it in your heart
Hide it in your heart

[Chorus] x3
Armour on
Armour on
Ready to figh
Ready to fight

Armour on
Armour on
Ready to fight
For my life
For my life
Eternal life
For my life
Ready to fight
For my life.


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