Artist bio

My name is Evan Anderson and I am a missionary doing the will of God through various forms of art!


Not Casualties


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

God showed me a way to format the wording with the same cadence as well as rhyme at the end of each line. Almost representing the consistency of us in our battlefield. My attire and the visuals are significant. We are revived and full of joy knowing we are not Casualties in the spiritual battlefields. There are also a lot of use of word play in this as well that the reader should keep an eye out for and open mind, with a mild sense of peaceful humor.

How it fits into contest

We are not casualties we are ready and equipped! Casualties do not make it out of war—but in God, WE DO!


Evan Anderson

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Dance workshops: praise dance, hip hop etc for all ages, dancer performances, watercolor paintings for businesses of personal gifts as well, arts and crafts

Transcript / Lyrics

We wrestle not against earthly, fleshly principalities,
Do not perceive your battlefields as if they’re abnormalities

Please do not be weighed down by many schemes of wicked gravities
Don’t feed into the lie that you just play the role of casualties

And just like Peter God is calling you to duty overseas
Remember Jesus already told you the storm is but a breeze

Hold up your shield and swing your sword, put on those boots of perfect peace.
Salvation, truth, and righteousness
Go out, defeat your enemies!

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