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I am a mother of an 11 year old and right now, 7 months pregnant. A wife for a year, and a lifelong Christian. I am a church administrator, arts director, and currently working on an inspirational reality show. I am a teacher and soon to be Master's graduate. I enjoy coaching cheer and teaching praise dancers. I am a current resident of Las Vegas, but a native of Chicago. Finally, a little known fact is that I am a beauty pageant queen- and currently hold the title of Ms. Royal American Elegance!


An Ambassador for Christ


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This, being my first entry- I kept it simple and raw. It was just me reflecting on how reluctant I was to understanding and even accepting the armor of God, almost not believing it could give me any advantage in the battles I was facing, but as I wrote I thought more and more about how I didn't only come to accept it- but adorn in a way in which each piece had its purpose.

How it fits into contest

This work fits into the contest topic because it is presented as a battle of a person (me) accepting and trusting the pieces of armor- and realizing the purpose of each adornment. And understanding that this armor is not one that limits someone in battle but keeps them prepared and fits without worry.


Myself and my wonderful husband, Lorenzo Harris who was my camera man!

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Praise dance instruction and K-5 tutoring for school

Transcript / Lyrics

Get back I said. not another step further everytime I'm bruised I think I can make it better. I get back up .I fight ,I constantly fail. It's pain that I'm used to. Pain that I know too well.
Not too close. I'm sore and I know you're trying to help. But what you're offering I've never seen before. And I don't know if it fits me well. Protection? Of course who wouldn't want the upper hand but that sir looks too heavy and I like my freedom!

What if I never land another Blow from this in casings that you show me? And what if I move too slow worried about safety? But yet you say this armor has been known to stand against an army?
That by girding myself in this truth.. That I'll be able to withstand my enemies?

Keep me girded in the truth defy the enemy's lies that try to leave me exposed. Righteously protect my heart, lest it's gone cold. And where my feet are led to.. Let them peacefully go. And let this helmet be my saving grace protecting that which I do and do not know. And in faith, Taking upon this fiery dart shall penetrate, And as I strike let it be with a sword of the spirit and let the gospel permieate.

No longer do I wish to strike my flesh to flesh. When knowing the war is eternal battles with sprits. Let me only fight for kingdom's sake, and stand in my ambassador's place. I rather like the feel of the armor.. Almost weightless.. But it's protection binds me and hey.. I could get used to this.

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