Tiese Bridges

Artist bio

I am a native of Laurinburg, North Carolina. I engage in the arts of poetry, graphic design, a dancing, writing (I'm also a soon to be first-time author of poetry book, "Heart Check"...Shameless plug 🙂 ) and a plethora of other things God has entrusted me with...A "Jane" of all trades if you will. It is my prayer that the gifts I've been graced with will help transform the lives of people and glorify Christ. If only one soul is saved by my submission to honor the Lord through them, then my desire has been fulfilled.




Spoken Word

Artist Statement

3 things I would like you to know: -It was totally Holy Spirit led. I actually had a dream about it. -The poem is inspired by my real life experience that I conquered. -The poem that you hear, is apart of my very first book that I am planning on releasing in late August of this year.

How it fits into contest

The war against insecurities. We all have or will face them at some point in life. This work of art is a depiction on how we must combat these sometimes overwhelming thoughts of not being good enough, with the spiritual armor of God. It is a representation and reminder that with the right spiritual tools,we can rise up, fight and overcome. In fact we conquered it way before the battle began, thanks to the immaculate blood shed sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


Director/Producer: Tiese M. Bridges Choreographer: Tiese M. Bridges Videographer/editor: Sean Craig Sound Director(Mixed & Mastered): Sherrard Hollingsworth Poem written by: Tiese M. Bridges, From Heart Check: A Poetry Book Music Song: “In all things” Written by: Brian McMullen Sung by: Joshua J. White Special thanks to: Roteshia N. Jones(Assistant to Videographer & Director)

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