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Am a artist the decided to spread her wings to expand and try opportunities and grow and build my career and myself. Poetry is my voice and i can only write when very emotionally. Am determine, sweet and consider myself as butterfly. I first found my voice in high school where I became the president for the performing arts club for about 3 years left school tried to fit in to society and failed then I refined my voice when I was going through a dark phase in my life and am proud to say poetry saved my life and will never give it up.


Armor of God


Spoken Word

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When I found out about the competition was when the pandemic broken out and I just wrote what came to mind have issues shooting as am from the countryside in Jamaica that is noisy but I finally did it and for some reason posting this is a issue. Hope you enjoy it

How it fits into contest

Work was not a major because am partially unemployed


Shot this peace using Vivavideo app and directed by yours truly

Transcript / Lyrics

Depression defined as the total submission of the soul under subligation through temptation of transgression.
Depression is a tool used by the enemy to oppress the saints.
You see our minds are like the story of Jericho and the Israelites army. Depression marches around our brain like the Israelites army blowing trumpets waiting to conquer and plant their anchor, so we surrender trying to ponder how we should have been stronger.

Stronger like Samson who was deceived by Delilah. But like Samson was betrayed and my strengths was revealed to my enemies because not jealousy but you see my destiny is my legacy
So I put on the armor of God but mentally and a captured city thrown into slavery by my arch enemy using depression as the remedy to endlessly tarnish my integrity leaving me helplessly and restlessly in ecstasy.

But like David I heard the voice of the enemy mocking me and I'm persuaded to fight him with the armor of God and fave depression like its Goliath standing in position. Having my loins grit about with truth brandishing the breast plate of righteousness, my foot shod with preparation of the Gospel of Peace. My sling is the shield of faith, my cloths are garnished in salvation and the spirit of God. I open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel, boldly swinging and releasing the word of God unto the enemy crushing their spiritual holds and destroying the ecstasy of depression.
For I have put on the Armor of God and an ambassador that will use the word of God to conquer the enemy through my sling and baptize them in faith and the truth covering them under the blood of Jesus who gives peace, love and grace and as a child of God we will always win the race.

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