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Breige Wilson is currently an actress with the National Theatre Arts Company of Trinidad and Tobago. She is also a dancer/choreographer, a singer and a former pageant queen. In addition, she is the founder of the Breige Wilson Foundation. She enjoys writing and directing and hopes to pursue it full time in the near future. Her walk with Christ has never been an easy one but she is working on her relationship with God everyday. She attributes all of her success to her Lord and saviour Jesus Christ and her family. Jamal Weekes Jamal Weekes is a young Barbadian creative who seeks to add his voice to the world's book of stories. Already making strides in film with his NIFCA award winning film NeVeR, Jamal aims to grow in all areas of film and stage. He loves storytelling and wants to tell as many Caribbean stories as possible. Lalonde Ochoa Lalonde Ochoa enjoys being a teacher at both the Secondary and Tertiary level in Trinidad & Tobago. His theatre career has afforded him roles as Actor, Director and Traditional Masquerader. He is a notable storyteller and enjoys working with children in creative story building. He aspires to live a journey of constant learning.


The Mirror Effect



Artist Statement

The Mirror Effect explores the art of virtual storytelling and it symbolizes a call for spiritual reflection.

While in quarantine, I was inspired by the animals in my street (particularly the street dogs) and their daily interactions with each other. I then noticed that their behaviours were at times very similar to that of human beings especially when conflict arises or a threat seems to be in close proximity.

Mirrors then became another focal point in this piece. For instance: mirroring behavioural patterns, human interactions mirroring that of animal interactions or a flaw maybe even an attribute found in someone else but being reflected in another person. I wanted to dissect the outcome when collision ( a meeting of the two worlds) happens.

Trinidad and Tobago is known for it's rich oral traditions (storytelling is one of them) which was passed down from our enslaved African ancestors so it was important for me to explore that in this piece. After the lockdown, I'm hoping to transform it as an actual stage performance

I also wanted to delve into another style of storytelling but through parables like Jesus using that technique was also vital in getting the message across but in an indirect manner.

How it fits into contest

I looked up the meaning of; Wiles of the Devil and I learned that it can be defined as deception through trickery or false impressions. Another dictionary suggests that it exaggerates the pleasure of sin while minimizing the true nature and outcome.

So, basically in this plot, Mr. Rupert addresses the fact that a spiritual battle can be immensely confusing and detrimental. It also spreads like a wildfire. Themes of Truth vs Perception vs Reality are explored. Also, role reversals occur for instance; the Abused/Victim vs the Abuser dialogue have also been highlighted in the work to show its complexity. The devil is full of deception and without the help of the Holy Spirit it can be difficult to be aware of his schemes.

All in all, by putting on the entire armour of God found in Ephesians 6.10-20 one will be protected, undefeated, attain a higher level of self- control, awareness, power and of course discernment. Animals do not have the ability to reason or self-reflect but human beings do and at times we tend to forget that.

When faced with a spiritual battle, one needs to rely on a higher power and that power is the Holy Spirit which is the spirit of God. The word of God found in the Bible is also essential.

That is what THE MIRROR EFFECT demonstrates and represents. Hope it blesses your heart. Shalom.


Directed by Breige Wilson
Written and Casted by Breige Wilson
Voice of Mr. Rupert played by Lalonde Ochoa
Edited by Jamal Weekes
Stock Footage and Stock Music by

Transcript / Lyrics

The Mirror Effect by Breige Wilson

Mr. Rupert (Aside) Take stand against the wiles of the devil.
Take stand, against the wiles of the devil!

Mr. Rupert: (Hears dogs barking in the distance then decides to tell this parable to the audience/listeners)

Those dogs bark everyday. They bark and bark and bark without a single word to say. I threw a few bones hoping they would be satisfied, but those bones caused so much confusion, it brought tears to my eyes.

I noticed that one dog tried to take all of the bones away, leaving the others to fend for themselves in a peculiar kind of way. He nibbled at the bones when the others were highly distracted, and, like a thief in the night, he eased out of the location, with the items subtracted.

The other dogs stood there in disbelief, with inflated egos, empty tummies and nothing in sight to eat. Well...some decided to turn the other cheek, others decided to walk away but one dog held on to his grudge, had no mercy and decided that the 'bone snatcher' would one day have to pay.

Next evening, the 'bone snatcher' thought he won the war. But, those two friends turned into enemies as they squared off and caused another uproar. Who would have thought that a few bones would have that much power? So much, that the abused swiftly transformed into the abuser.

Those dogs fought and fought with a vengeance. It was clear that they both had hidden agendas. The other dogs could not seem to break this fight apart. Hatred had stepped in and taken over their little, bruised hearts.

(Aside) Take unto you, the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day.

Mr. Rupert ( to the audience/viewer) The Bible constantly reminds us to be alert, be still because we would never know the hour, that temptation will step in. Just like those street dogs, we may lose ourselves and fall into sin. And that's why we must put on the whole armour of God to ensure that the Holy Spirit dwells within.

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