Artist bio

Poetry is one of the ways I express my thoughts and emotions. When I write poetry, I like to paint a picture in the reader`s mind because when someone sees, I believe they can understand easier.


Take a Stand


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

The piece is dedicated to a friend who has been dealing with depression, feelings of neglect, hopelessness, and low self-esteem and I hope to dedicate the poem to him to encourage him to seek God for guidance and strength. I hope he can put on the Armor of God everyday and face the challenges of life with hope and perseverance in God.

How it fits into contest

Paul hopes to encourage his church to wear the Armor of God because he knows that the people themselves are corrupt and weak without constant prayer and reflection on the Word of God. My piece emphasizes and seeks to warn the people to be especially careful of their inner thoughts and emotions. Around me, I have friends who feel down about themselves and resentment towards who they are due to their ugly inner thoughts and the ugly things they tell themselves and I hope to remind them that our inner thoughts sometimes do not come from ourselves but from the devil. This is the reason why we need to armor ourselves and keep in constant prayer. Without the strength and help from God, it is hard even to command ourselves to go the way we want.


Maria Tian- responsible for all- directing, writing, reading, recording.

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