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Khadine Blake Whittaker I am a Jamaican woman who is absolutely passionate about dub poetry and have been writing in this style from I was about 8 years old. By performing at churches, schools and at various competitions and events, I have developed my art and stand proudly to represent wherever the opportunity allows. As a firm believer in Christ, I trust in His saving power and grace and serve in the church. I enjoy acting, creating YouTube videos for my channel Queeny KhayBee, travelling around Jamaica with my family, buying groceries and having a good chill session with my husband, Jeffery. One of my main life goals is to travel the world to motivate and uplift young ladies through my presentations and performances.


Be Strong in the Lord!



Artist Statement

This video was filmed on my mobile phone and edited with a mobile editing software/app. It was a long process to film this video due to many takes trying to perfect the footage for editing. It portrays warfare and gives a sense of victory to the viewers.

How it fits into contest

This poem is a warfare poem! It serves to remind God's people that our strength is found only in Him, that when we come upon trials and tribulations, we should not focus on the superficial and that we use the Word of God to fight so we have already won. As Christians, we often times forget the power we have working with us and within us. The Bible tells us that our warfare is not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. Rulers, authorities, principalities and powers in high places are what we wrestle against. Have no fear the battle is won! The video depicts strength, solemnity, action and authority over the defeated enemy. It is an encouragement to believers and an advice to those who are weary in defeat. When you watch this video and/or listen to the lyrics, you will be motivated to get up and fight; you will put on or fix your armour of God and you will win. Lastly, it is a warning to satan...You better back out!!!


Writer, Performer and Editor- Khadine Blake Whittaker Dub Rhythm Producer- Dexter Johnson Jr. (Rhythm was created in 2018 and given to writer for use)

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