Artist bio

With no formal training, I began painting December 2017. God had me up all night and the result of my first piece was a 13 canvas wall mural. That night, God's gift was birthed. Each piece is signed with the scripture and a cross with heart. I pray these works point the viewer towards the love of the Father. All of my abstract paintings, either, begin from a scripture or begin from a subject felt in my spirit. I find a scripture in support of the subject, turn on worship music...and invite God to paint.



Artist Statement

The work began with a study of the scripture in Ephesians.
I chose a 12x12 gallery wrapped canvas to reflect the intimate and paramount importance of the content.
Rich purple and blue hues for the Divine unseen dimension;
Burnt sheet music for the shout (shofar) that goes before the fiery fight

How it fits into contest

The scripture describes the strength of God necessary to “stand” against the devices of the enemy. The enemy’s purpose is to destroy the faith of Christians from without…and from within. The enemy employs many strategies to accomplish this.

· The purple and blue background of the work is laid over a gray. base that leaches out. The background is etched to reveal the scriptures, “principalities” and “spiritual hosts of wickedness” in gray. The scriptures indicate where.some of the tactics we must weather can be found. One of the greatest deceptions is convincing people that there are no unseen forces. These unseen forces make up the world, organized evil lead by satan.

Everything that Paul lists as comprising the “armor”: Truth, Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace, Faith, Salvation and the sword of the Spirit, each equal the same weapon of defense. The Word of God.

· The burnt sheets of music were to acknowledge the musicians and the shofar that heralded the battle of the Lord’s people against their fiery opponent. Written over the music is each piece of armor, various types of prayer to indicate our command to pray the Word without ceasing and the times that we are to invoke the Word.

Therefore, to withstand the day that evil comes to our door, we must already be standing, now. Practice! Prepare! Sear the Word of God into our hearts. This is the ONLY armor that can battle in the heavenlies. Without knowing God’s Word and constantly employing it through praying “all prayer”, we cannot overcome.

We are defenseless.


God, the Creator. I ask Him to use my hands and give me something to say on the canvas. He has yet to disappoint.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $100

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