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By material a Multimedia Artist. By spiritual a Seeker.


I am Zero I am ONE I am NOW


Digital Art

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Whenever I seek inside
I discover that there is an outside
Whenever I come outside
I discover that I am still inside.

The question starts from my spiritual battle of Who am I?
When I started to search for my real self I discovered this graphical representation which is my real self, which is everywhere from micro to macro, which is NOW. I am NOW I am ZERO I am ONE.
Whenever I go inside or come outside, to validate that inside or outside, I realize that there always exists a boundary which can correspond to as ‘0’ or ZERO, a 360-degree rotation, completeness, or a complete frame. This validation boundary is itself eternal or infinite because to validate each boundary there will be another boundary, which is, while I go to search for the first cause there is always the last effect to validate that first cause. Therefore there will be going in or coming out from boundaries after boundaries which can be realized as ZERO which is everywhere and can be considered as ONE and only. From this inference, I can say 0 = 1 = NOW.
Therefore from this realization comes the conclusion that everything can be considered as a circle or zero or all-inclusive which is ALL in ONE and vice versa ONE in ALL. It is a concept in reality. It can be realized but cannot be touched, It is everywhere and at the same time nowhere [Because it cannot be touched]. It is everything and at the same times nothing. It is ‘NOW’ or the realization of myself. Who am I? I am NOW.
Zero is ONE or NOW, or all-inclusive can be depicted as a symbol of Peace. Peace comes only after the true realization of the true self. It is a concept of Leaving no one behind, in actual we all are into it, and to realize Zero we must take action NOW, accordingly which is the Goal of 2030 of the UN of actualizing several life-changing Zeros, tackling climate change, and working to preserve our natural environment, if we can achieve all this, then only “I am ZERO I am ONE I am NOW” can be realized or God-realization will manifest.

How it fits into contest

It is to search for the real self, from micro to understand the macro. The true self that is inside from the beginningless time.


My mentor and my study.

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