Artist bio

I have a passion for creating art inspired by the people I love, my life, faith, and the entire world around me. I am a wife and mother, and my profession is in nursing. Creating artworks is a reflection of my daily life and inspirations around me. I loving adding color to this beautiful world.


Out From the Darkness, Abundant Blessings


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

We all endure suffering and sadness during our lifetime. There was a season in my life where I was in despair, hopeless, and broken. I never knew if I could break out of that season, and I turned to God and Jesus to rescue me. This artwork represents beauty from the ashes of being hurt and betrayed. It shows the blessings that I received after letting go and putting all my trust in Him. The flowers are representation of beauty in the world and abundant blessings He showered me with after putting all my trust in Him.

How it fits into contest

In my past, I endured a spiritual battle in which I did not think I can overcome. I was betrayed, left in the darkness and God reached out to me when I was at my lowest. This artwork represents the strength and resilience I was given by the Lord. When I trusted in Him, my soul was renewed and a huge burden was removed from my life. He brought everything into the light and revealed them to me. The blood of Jesus covered me, He lightened my life, renewed and saved me. The colorful flowers in my artwork is a representation of Him bringing miracles into my life, endless blessings, renewed faith, gratitude, and true love. Out of the darkness, God brought back color and beauty into my life and showered me with abundant blessings, which is why I used various colors and textures for the flowers in this artwork.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Please direct message me on Instagram @Laurensartinspirations if interested or e-mail me.

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