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Lampe Méduse


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This artwork is made of plastic debris that was picked out of the ocean itself. Thus, I have stopped its devastating course and made it a subject of beauty and reflection. Reflection on the substance used, debris and reflection by the light that passes through it.

How it fits into contest

In french we say ' la mer est le poumon de la terre', the ocean is the lung of the earth and I have always felt this .
Ever since I left home, at 16, the ocean has always been in my vision , in my ears .
Living in Bondi as a young woman, catching the bus every morning to go to work, the sight of the ocean always filled me with joy for the rest of the day and calmed me on my way home.
For the last 35 years , living in New Caledonia has brought me even closer to this cosmos that I love so.
Swimming , every day I feel the ocean breathing to my skin, saturating my membrane with the rich oligo elements and minerals.
Swimming in the ocean releases my stress, relaxes my muscles, promotes deep sleep and spiritually cleanses my aura.
The ancient Greeks already knew the benefits of the ocean for medical reasons and well being .
Today, we know that the oceans produce the majority of oxygen the world needs through marine plants, kelp, coral, algai etc.
The World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic mass in the sea than fish mass . A disaster that greatly affects me.
As a sculpter/ plastic artist , I have been collecting debris from beaches in New Caledonia and the islands to make works of art .
The motivation is three fold . To increase the idea of spirituality through nature, to sensibilise people to the global impact of plastic pollution and thirdly , to intercept the waste stream, to subdue the négativity and change its course.
Too many think of plastic as disposable, where it is precisely the opposite, so I extract it from its problematic, destructive destiny and use its potential so that it may become a source of agréable reflection.
To reconsider the value of waste born from our need to consume and transform it into an artistic creation .
The subsequent inspiration touches on all themes in my work; the ocean, the earth mother, man...and his spirituality

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