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I love arts, I love doing, I love seeing, I feeling, I love Being!


Book Of John


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

In this pieces of art, I express my realist imagination of Ephesians 6 verses 10-20. My inspiration is drawn from the invisible workings of God in the spiritual realm, in order to ensure that we survive the harshest of atrocities, with nothing but the amour of FAITH. These pieces intend to reassure you that God, his Angels, And His Spirit are with you!

How it fits into contest

The verse is a reasurrance that our strength lies on God, and the strength of God in our lives manifests in proportion to our faith in HIM.
In Spiritual battles, we surrender ourselves to faith that God, somehow, through his wondrous ways will weave ways to redeem us, no matter where we will be!

My interpretation of this is keen on the "How"-Just to illustrate to us all, how subtly God saves us in daily spiritual battles and in how much indifferent we are to the workings of God through Angels and other terrestrial beings.

It intends also to awaken us all to the fact that we are products of grace, and that God is working!


Script and Concept- Stuart Jeffriesse.
Photography- Bright Senerwa.
Editing, graphics and Presentation- Stuart Jeffriesse.
Styling and Set Design-Stuart Jeffriesse/ Tracey Chapman(Assistant)
Make-Up Arts- Tracey Chapman.

John Barack
Tracey Chapman
Hilda Akumu
Valerie Awuor

How to Purchase this Artwork

Purchase Digital Portraits(20 USD), Print Portraits(From 50 USD), Painting(From 100 USD) or Photobook (10 USD) by sending me an Email on

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Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

The Outfits On Set Are made by me, you can hire me to style and set-design your projects, homes, offices, adverts and productions. From 200 USD for Outfit Design and From 500 USD for Set Design.
I sell my Merchandise Via My Instagram @houseofjeffriesse from 8.5 USD.
I Edit Photos and Design Media Kits and Brands from 5 USD.

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