Hakeem Louisy

Artist bio

I’m Hakeem louisy 21 yrs of age I live on a lil tiny island called st lucia and I have always and a passion and purpose for my art. Through the years I realize I love to tell stories via my artwork and now I’m working on my book called “INDIGO”,hopefully I can get published and my book could teach the world something important like loving nature,loving each other and doing best to do what’s righteous! 😄✨




Digital Art

Artist Statement

“Spiritual warefare” this piece is focused on the spiritual battle that is taking place in the heavenly realms. This is all for the innocent souls that MUST be saved for the new kingdom of god.As you can see I painted the demons on the left side representing the devils’ intentions to destroy and on the right is Gods’ angels that are protecting his people which is the innocent girl in the middle.

How it fits into contest

It may not speak about the sword and shield but I tried my best to be original and generalize the topic which is the spiritual warefare.


my close friend inspired me by talking about the angels and how they are fighting the war with us and he gave me the concept on how the painting should look and I interpreted it and painted this artwork

How to Purchase this Artwork

Well I could email it to who ever it inspires cuz I don’t have a shopping website for now.

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