Dawson Kim

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I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and I have been an artist since I was a child. I learned the basics of acrylic painting through art classes in high school, but after graduating, I learned everything on my own. Art has been my way of expressing emotions and setting myself free from daily struggles. I adventured through London and Paris, sleeping in parks when I had to, so that I could study more about art in museums and the streets. I am always learning, always growing.


Warrior 19



Artist Statement

This painting is an acrylic on canvas, depicting the warrior of the spiritual realm have taken a beating, but still remains alive and in tact, having put on the equipment necessary to survive these testing times. I used these patriotic colors to represent not only our country of the United States, but to contrast fires of the devil, to the waters of the gospel. The tree represents hands of prayer lifting us and being the roots of our faith.

How it fits into contest

As the COVID 19 pandemic destroyed economies, put millions out of work, and spread fear like wildfire, we had a choice to make. We could allow the evils, the authorities, and the corruption to consume our lives, or we could equip ourselves with the Full Armor of God.


Thank you to Noble, Izzy and Perry for pushing me through the hardest times of my life. Thank you to my family from the East Coast to the West for always loving me and supporting my endeavors. Thank you to God for leading me and being there for me. Thank you to my art teacher Daniela in Florence, Italy.

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I own a art production and distribution company called SOLSTICEARTH
to help those in need of art and design services.

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