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My name is Ika Magdalena, i'm inspired by Annie Leibovitz work, how powerful story-telling in photography. How beautiful our world is, and through photography we can distill the insight and wisdom in our dynamic world.





Artist Statement

This photo was taken at the waterfall, near the village where i stayed there for 3 weeks. I was joining a community outreach program, and one of the project at that time was creating a pathway from the village to the waterfall. That afternoon when everyone is taking a lunch break, there was a little boy who coming and jumps to the waterfall, without hesitation. At the time when I took this picture, No one dares to swim in the waterfall cause recently they found a snake in it and every got scared by it. But that boy didn't. When all of his friends was hesitate to test the water, this boy takes a deep look at the water and jump. Everyone was too scared and choose to not touch the water, but not this boy. He looks deep into the water, and take a leap of faith, then enjoys the rest of the afternoon in that waterfall. After seeing that boy, everyone else is followed him. Take that step into the waterfall.

How it fits into contest

"Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." Ephesians 6:10. In life, we never know what's going to happen in the future. This will make us feel anxiety sometimes, all sort of emotion tangle with the event that about to unfold before us. This brings us to a battle inside and outside ourselves. How powerfull the value and character that we hold close in our heart and mind will be the shield and light that guide us through this infinite battle. We must not lies only on our own strength and understanding, but only by His Grace and infinite wisdom, we could be guided, and stay in His truth. There's where the real power is, we are His children who are needed to constantly draw closer to His truth.


Ika Magdalena: Photographer

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