Anthony Brown

Artist bio

I'm Anthony and i'm an artist. A very spiritually driven creative. I've been doing art every since I was a little kid. Everything I paint has to present some form of eye- opening. I love it and I love healing through art. I plan on being a very old man and still painting!


Lonely Battles be like



Artist Statement

The title of this piece is called "Lonely Battles be like", though it also symbolizes moving at the speed of God's grace and staying in your heart space in the midst of battle. Overcoming the obstacles through the grace of God even though it may seem as if you are out numbered.

How it fits into contest

The main character is covered in the armor of God and holding God's grace, while in the midst of the spiritual battle.


I am the only creator of this art.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This piece is an original work! If you wish to purchase it, then send me an email at
Further more, my online art store will be open by 1/3/2020. There will be original art, canvas art, art on apparel, and accesories for sale! You are welcome to stop by at

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I also paint interior and exterior murals. If you are interested in my services, then send me an email at

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