Artist bio

Amanda Lamoureux Smith is an abstract and mixed media visual artist living just outside of Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Amanda paints mostly with acrylics on canvas, and she steps in the paint used to create each piece and then uses it to create a footprint as a signature on the back of the painting. Amanda uses quotes as inspiration to begin each piece of artwork. Amanda builds layers to showcase the emotive outlets that others may equally relate to in life through transformation and the beauty and chaos that is life. Amanda is an internationally published artist having her work published in the literary magazine Beyond Words. Amanda is also a former co-host for a live, local, weekly art TV show called "It's All About Arts." n/a


Battle Ready


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This artwork is evidence of my style and preference to illustrate the many layers in life and art. My style of creating this piece was expressive in nature and I wanted to use lines and grit to showcase how light can shine through the darkness. The right half of the painting is dark, and if you look to the center of the piece you can see how there is a circular shape with diagonal lines peeping out to the opposite corner. This reminds me of the sun, and how no matter what it finds a way to shine its rays through the darkest of days.

How it fits into contest

Just like the six pieces included in the full armor of God, I wanted this artwork to portray sections. I used materials that illustrated metal and a metallic feel to illustrate the form of protection necessary like a solider in the battle for forging ahead in life after properly being protected by putting on the full armor of God. Faith is not enough, you must put on the armor of God in order to spread his message and win against the forces you inevitably battle in a spiritual sense when spreading the good word.


I, Amanda Lamoureux Smith, am the only one involved with creating this artwork.

How to Purchase this Artwork

"Battle Ready" is an original mixed media abstract painting on a 24x36 medium texture premier canvas. For pricing please email

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