terry gurley

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I am currently sharing the gospel with my art around the world. John 3"16 is illustrated by a symbol that i use in all of my work. I call it the Gospel Symbol. Im 60 years old native to Memphis. I am waiting for our King Jesus to return for His church.


Message of the Bible


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The Message of the Bible print is a photo made from a sculpture I made this year, 2020-2021. The print showcases the Gospel Symbol which is the 4 points of the gospel in a picture. I am the Principle Director/Creator of the John 3:16 Global Placement Mission. The sculpture is an open Bible with the gospel symbol stretched across the open pages with John 3:16 illustrated visually with the 4 components of the gospel. He was promised[Old Test}, He died on a cross, He rose from the dead and He is coming back. What I am most excited about is no one has thought to put the most important message God has ever commanded us to share, the gospel, into the universal language system...a picture. Everyone can under stand a picture in their own language so the finger prints of the Holy Spirit are on this ministry. I am making the molds which can produce tens of thousands of concrete sculptures available to the churches who are sending them to the missionaries which they already support all around the world. This print is being given to many pastors as pastor appreciation gifts this month. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

How it fits into contest

The greatest battle we fight in sharing the gospel, is clarifying that Christ did the work on the cross and our efforts are not part of this gift of eternal life. The first part of the gospel symbol in my print looks like an infinity symbol. This is the path of covenant. It represents the path one would walk between the split animal when making a blood covenant. Understanding covenant completely destroys the devilish idea that we have to keep up our part of some agreement to earn salvation. The understanding this blood covenant offered by God clearly defeats the lies of the devil that somehow we earn our salvation through good works. The blood covenant Jesus made with the Father on the cross for the sons and daughters of Adam is the only payment available for the lost. This covenant, purchased by Christ, also has the power to keep us in Christ Jesus. So when we are attacked by the flaming arrows of doubt from the enemy we have a sure foundation, which is Christ Jesus. John 3:16 states "and who ever believes shall not perish but have eternal life" Question is, believe what? The answer is found in the understand of the blood covenant between the Father and Son on our behalf . We believe like Abraham did and it is counted for righteousness. So when we battle against spiritual wickedness in high places, we have our first realized defense in Christ Jesus and the security of His integrity because He is the one who fights with the power of the Holy Spirit on our behalf.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Churches can contact me directly for now for the rubber molds of the Message of the Bible sculpture . My web page is not up yet. 901 220 6149
Prints can be requested as well.

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